Crites Shock Tower Kit Crites Shock Tower Kit1964/ 1965 351 thru all fe engines. Today, it is one of the last remaining fortifications and one of Zagreb monuments. 1 pair (2) shock tower delete plates. Minor tower trimming on each side. Screamin' small block in a Fairlane??. set of Crites 64 Fairlane shock tower templates. shock tower conversion kit shown above. I figure the shocks are bottoming out so I remove the shock towers and shim them up 1 inch, took it for a ride and it was much better but still not a good ride. 64-70 Mustang MOD Shock Tower Brace. Curve Shoot Discussion starter · Aug 5, 2014. But thats 3" I could use, without mini tubbing the rear. The foundation of the suspension upgrade is the bolt-on coilover kit. Fully Boxed design, not a flimsy single plate; All Hardware included. CPT Long Travel Shock Tower Set. Also if you do everything according to the instructions the Crites headers fit with hardly a hitchCurt. With a link suspension set up and coilover conversion the tuning possibilities are endless. The Mustang EFI shock tower brace kit is simple in design yet very effective, and offers additional clearance for EFI systems by widening the central area of the brace. Used Alston adj upper's w/heim joint's and homemade cm lower's w/heim joint's. It has to do with the flat areas of the 67-70 shock towers vs. Plastic is weaker than aluminum, and hard landings can cause plastic shock towers to flex and break. Preparing to change my 64 Fairlane over to FE power. Has the crites shock tower kit to fit big blocks. Have a lot of new parts for the. 1960-1970 Fender Cover; Ford Falcon Die-Cast Models; Shock Absorbers; Speedometer; Steering; Suspension; Transmission; Weather Stripping. Z bar and motor and frame brackets $240. This is an FE in a 64 Fairlane with Crites tower kit, pretty close with headers presumably like yours. How was the fit and finish? I see they are listed to fit both the 302 and 351. The MOD EFI shock tower brace was designed to give you maximum room around EFI intake systems installed in an early Mustang. There used to be a web site that detailed the installation of the Crites shocktower kit in 62-65 Fairlanes,does anyone know of this site or where I ca Crites shocktower mod website - 332-428 Ford FE Engine Forum. Created by professionals to meet your requirements Expertly made from premium materials. ENGINE COMPARTMENT Shock Tower kit for extra . Our design is much safer than doing a Mustang II conversion which will greatly reduce the structural integrity of your front end. So I kinda figured it meant 3" per side. How is the fit of Crites 351W headers in 61. It is essentially a fiberglass cast that you use as a template to cut. You'll need 2 CVA "long" shocks for the rear and 2 "short" CVAs for the front. I got what I thought to be a crites shock tower narrowing kit for a 65 comet I didn't pay attention used templates and cut out towers and then realized they had sent me the kit that is used to convert to a strut setup I don't want to spend 3 grand on there strut setup does anyone know of installation of a strut kit out of sn95 mustang series I. Crites kit on Ebay!! Post by 70snake » Mon Apr 02, 2007 10:46 pm. Headers that came off my 1964 Thunderbolt clone 427 High Riser. Hand-picked by experts! Pay later or over time with Affirm. Depending on where you are, may be a good deal for you at- $160. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. You'll need the shock tower kit, mounts and isolators, and headers for starters. The second portion projects downwardly from the first portion. Amazing the shortcuts made on this car from the factory. The 302 Cleveland, even with the shock tower mod, has problems with the exhaust because the ports are lower down on the head, leaving less room to clear the cross member. been slow making progress on the 64. Here's a cammer in a 64, no shock towers with a MII F/E. Also selling the shock tower brace, lower crossmember, and FE. got my crites fe kit in and just about finished installing it. The trim kit is a weld-in kit and moderate …. Crites 63/64 Fairlane shock tower kit. 4Plus Products Long Travel Shock Tower Kit for 1960-1984 4x-Series Toyota Land Cruisers. Cleaned up the inner and outer wheel wells and painted. Also, the tire physically grows nearly 1" when doing a burn out or at high speed. for extra clearance for big & small block engines (detailed instructions included) $270. Direct replacement - this shock tower patch panel exactly matches the fit and appearance of the original shock absorber mount ; DICMIC Rear Passenger Right Side Shock Rust Repair Kit Shock Tower Patch Panel Compatible with 2001-2012 Ford Escape 2001-2011 Mazda Tribute 2005-2011 Mercury Mariner Replace# 924-358, 5L8Z-7827886-AA. Inside and trunk areas painted and done (Wimbledon White). Crites used to make good kits to move shock towers 3" wider apart for engine clearance, Fiberglass bumpers too. I found that I had to read the instructions over and over and looking at the supplied photos, it will eventually all make sense to you. pinto front suspension and steering swap. 00 all new still in crites boxes, only opened for. 0 with this new 7075 aluminum, CNC machined shock tower! The shock and camber link mounting locations on this rear tower have been fine-tuned, making it easier to dial your vehicle into the track conditions. Strut Rod Kits, Strut Rod Kits, Tubular Control Arms, Accessories. While you have your engine out it helps to jack the the shock towers back out and add a welded shock brace to stiffen up the front. Top mount assembly provided with strut assembly fits OK into strut tower, but top mounting plate on top of strut tower does not fully. 3 posts OT/ crites shock tower kit install OT/ crites shock tower kit install. With our kit you will have the. Cost of the tower kit alone would be a major issue. Or you could cut and test fit several times till your happy. Once your done it's nice to have the extra room to get an FE engine into the bay, or just more maintenance room for a smaller engine. jpg Make your own plates or buy a kit with directions from Crites restorations. 1964 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt For Sale. Need Pics of Crites Shock Tower Kit. I also did the crites Shock tower conversion years ago. Losi Mini-B Carbon Fiber WIDE rear shock tower. There are kits out there (and the repl plate can be fabbed), both size reduction kits (CRITES) and apron reinf. It is suggested you install new upper control arms and spring perches when you. Here's an original Dearborn Steel conversion on a Thunderbolt to fit the 427FE engine. Extreme Road Race Rear Brake Kit. The rear suspension has a Crites Shock Tower Kit with KYB Shocks, and leaf springs on a 8'' 350 Posi Rear. When I took it out of storage the brakes were not right and the planned trip over some mountain passes with the boler in June,,. 1964 Ford Fairlane for sale. need shock tower measurements/ Kaase. 4GHz Radio & TSM® (Model# 58076-74). I'll bet you get superb mileage from your front tires. Original BMW srtut bar kit from the iconic 1M Coupe. The engine compartment on my car is just like a mustang. Ronbob said: I put crites on my 64 with a sb 428. Our rear triangulated 4 link kit comes with all the bells and whistles including the coilovers! Our kit utilizes the same style frame mounting for the control arms as our proven front 3 link and 4 link kits. 1965 Mercury Comet for Sale. These items increase the user's chance of landing critical strikes with basic attacks. A 460 will be very tight fit without shock tower surgery. You don't have permission to rate! Post Reply. GPM Blue Aluminium 1/10 TRX-6 L-Shape Piggyback 90mm Shocks w/ Adjustable Shock Towers Set. These are left over from when I did my 64 and worked well. Too much work Anyone have any pictures of what all is in the Crites kit, or pictures of it installed in a car?. I am wanting to swap a 351c into my 64. I wish they idd, since they're $300 less than the 6134's You mentioned notching the shock towers. Frenched Shock Tower Pair – Barnes 4WD. Choose Motorcraft® shock absorbers and strut assemblies. 13 Shock tower repair kits from Dynacorn/Mustangs Plus give you the kind of strength your Mustang or Cougar deserves. Suitable for both no-cut (lift) and conventional cut rescue methods. 351w bolt in 64 Fairlane?. *Kit for the Gatekeeper is $20 more because it includes new rear upper link mounts as well as. I'm hoping in this thread in this sub-forum in the entire site. Frame connectors installed and underside painted, detailed and done. 8 Inch Wider VW Front Adjustable Axle Beam Kit With 10 Inch Shock Towers, With Rack Mount Welded On Part Number: ac401008kit. These p FSD DODGE CUMMINS 1994-2013 SHOCK TOWER DELETE KIT SKU: FSD-CU-0313-STDP. The Crites shock tower kit keeps the stock suspension and engine mount locations. This modular shock-tower-adapter system makes converting the stock front suspension on early Mustangs into a simple bolt-on procedure. also eliminates voltage regulator. 67 FAIRLANE EFI/TURBO 351W. It works fine, but it would have looked better with the excess metal cut off. The use of this hybrid-casting technology, which features a ductile material connection between steel and cast aluminium, makes it possible to combine the design advantages …. We have all the crites stuff installed but we want things more assesable!! I have found reasonable kits to convert to monach 11 inch rotors . Tedious but doable with enough patience. The big issue is exhaust clearence around the shocktower and upper a-arm mount. I've been building up a T-Bolt Tribute and have used all the Crites mods. Crites shock tower mod Q's. Lightweight, package and performance improvements of a shock tower …. be/YnN-_CGRtLUQUESTIONS? CALL ME!!! 720-434-2694 - PRIVATE SELLER. Shock hoop brace kits available for tying shock hoops together for added strength and rigidity. These patch panels are stamped from 18-gauge steel and can be bolted or welded in place. com 09-28-2023 6:30:15 PM CST Looking to purchase the 1963/1964 Crossmember extension and transmission insulator kit. Unlike the Crites kit, I covered the exposed control arms to protest the bushing from the heat coming from the headers. Had to use shackles and air shocks to get it that high! Thats the way I bought it from an 18 year old kid, after all I was 21. 00 newest generation 429-460 headers, 2in primaries, 3 1/2 slip-on collectors 369. You will need to remove the factory spot-welded tabs on the side of the shock tower. This can be MIG welded or TIG welded to your choosing. Ford Muscle Cars Tech Forum">Rear Suspension Options. 1960-1963 Heater Seal Kits; 1960-1963 Heater Fan Control Switch & Cable Assemblies; Shop All Heater Parts. I am installing it to come to find out that with a stock steering box the short tie rod will hit the shocks!! I had to bend the short one to get around it. I have an original shock tower to put it back to stock. The Frame is equipped with Traction bars welded into sub frame connectors with the front having a PST super front suspension kit. I bought the new crossovers rather than replace and burn the individual components into the existing …. 1964-1965 Ford Falcon Shock Tower Kit Driver Side (LH) PART#: DYN3403A 675. 1965 Comet shock tower kit. its a pain in the ass-but it'll fit in there without cutting shock towers. 5" sectional width (side wall width) on a 10" wheel. The quality and approach to cutting out the existing part of the shocktower using their template was superb. KG4: My 1990 KG-4's were a breeze by compare. The biggest problem with the Crites is the ground clearence and the crossover pipe requires notching the bellhousing. The tower internal height is 102cm. 60s/70s Vehicle, please contact us. 460 Swap into 64 Fairlane. Review: Bob Crites Forte II and KG4 xover kit. 289 - 351 cid Small Block Performance. This kit is made my Crites Performance in the USA to modify 62-65 Fairlane shock towers to take the FE big block motor, exactly as done by Fomoco on the 1964 Thunderbolt Fairlanes. The front shock tower takes the majority of the knocks, and is the main part that can break on a DT02 chassis. Has anyone had the experience of installing Crites shock tower kit on the 64 fairlanes ? I have the kit and am concerned about the instructions and ph Crites - 332-428 Ford FE Engine Forum. the body is in good shape and its an all around solid car. 1970 Ford Fairlane 500 429scj -drag pack option 1986 Mustang GT, heads, cam, intake, vortech super charger 1964 comet calente -in progress. I just wanted to give a shout out for the good work they do at Crites. it hits the big nut on the back side that hold the A arm on any ides??? maybe slide motor back more? grind nut down?. Jerry, I've installed one on my 64 Fairlane with a friend of mine who has average welding skills. Matt Dahl of Las Vegas owner and builder. JeffB2 is right the 351 Windsor is too wide for the early Fairlanes. I traced and cut the right side and there is a gap at the top. Next year, it will move to a brand-new tower site - and it won't even be the station's first move as a 50,000-watter. OT/ crites shock tower kit install. Completely made in the USA, this shock tower delete kit can be either welded or bolted on. 1962-1965 Fairlane Litening Bolt Small & Big Block. When I sat the car down without the braces in place you could watch the towers flex in slightly. I called Tubular Automotive they said no, as well as Crites. This 1964 ford fairlane 500 thunderbolt clone received a full frame off restoration in 2002 and comes with complete documentation, photo’s receipts. Now add limit straps that mount and nothing down to the frame like i did and a couple other companies do you are asking for trouble. I have been building a 64 Comet AFX (Ronnie Sox Tribute Car) and used the Crites shock tower kit. CNC laser-cut steel or DOM steel tubing bent. 1964 Fairlane 351c headers help!!. Will not work with Rack & Pinion or Mustang 2 front end. Generator to Alternator Conversion Module. For riders going for the Level 2 kit, Rally Raid also offer a longer side stand for £78. It will strengthen the front end and reduce body . Hope someone can help me out ,it would be greatly appreciated. 180" (Cable Adapter Sizes E-J) #6 AWG, 3' Length PCRK12-3 1. Mark the upper A arms have two bolts that hold them in place, set the car up on jack stands and remove the shocks and unload the springs and remove them then unbolt the upper A arm. Call Crites they have headers that will fit with minor mods to the shock tower. » Crites 63/64 Fairlane shock tower kit » Crites headers 60-64 Galaxie -429/460 SOLD SOLD SOLD » crites headers ? » WTB Crites headers '65 Galaxie » Crites headers for 63/64 Galaxie …. Crites shock tower kit, FE engine mounts and air box mods all done and engine compartment detailed and painted. Shock Tower Plate Assemblies (Both L & R) Cutting Templates. Easy to fish them in as last step before nut. I installed the Crites shock tower kit and added a little extra re-inforcement on the rear of the tower which required a little extra clearancing after fitting the headers. A bit O/T, but I just mocked up the 9" Rear-end Housing after welding on new perches and installing new leaf springs on the T-Bolt. With this kit you can get up to 20. some interior as well!https://youtu. MOUNTING KIT, CONVERTIBLE TUBE BRACES #16A052-3AK. The easiest route is a FF Block 221-260-289-302. Can easily fit a 351w and also a 351c or a 390. Motor Mounts, Engine Swap, Complete Mount, Bolt-In, Rubber/Black, Ford, F-Series Pickup, Kit. A forum community dedicated to Ford performance owners and enthusiasts. The Gateway Performance Suspension strut mounts to the factory …. DICMIC Rear Passenger Right Side Shock Rust Repair Kit Shock Tower Patch Panel Compatible with 2001-2012 Ford Escape 2001-2011 Mazda Tribute 2005-2011 Mercury Mariner Replace# 924-358, 5L8Z-7827886-AA. Shock Tower Kit for extra clearance for big & small block engines (detailed instructions included) $270. Great deals on Hobby RC Shock Towers Parts. A friend locally asked me to build the cabinets for a Crites speaker kit and I was happy to oblige. Rick, A 390/428 will fit the Comet using the Crites kits as mentioned. Next a total front suspension rebuild or Crites shock tower kit. All Mustangs can have similar tower failure, but this car's 428 big-block FE motor made the problem even more pronounced. crites shock tower kit to fit big blocks. When shopping for an air spring kit or other suspension assemblies, know that these are the only ones recommended for use in your Ford or Lincoln car, truck or SUV. Tubular Automotive supposedly makes 351W swap headers that fit the Maverick/Comet without modification to the shock towers. Re: Putting a 429 in a 69 Mustang Fastback. I installed the springs that came with the Crites kit,wow talk about AA/G. REINFORCEMENT PLATES, Shock Tower, pair, fits inside the tower above the frame rail, pair, not original but a worthwhile addition to cars driven on rough roads, Reinforces the shock tower to the front frame extension, reducing the flex of the tower, 16 gauge steel. Sway Bars & Anti-Roll Kits ('99-'04 Mustang) Strut & Shock Tower Braces ('99-'04 Mustang) Coil Over Kits ('99-'04 Mustang) Skip & Go to Cart. 0 1 kit 2 kit 3 kit 4 kit 5 kit 6 kit 7 kit 8 kit 9 kit 10 kit. If this is just a fun cruiser I would go 302 or 289, Here are some pictures of the headers I used. Another alternative is to get the 113-413-031EUS shock, which includes the upper mounting kit. Fits Dodge Ram truck 1994-2013 2500 and 3500 4x4 only. My fairlane gained 3” per side for its 347. Can-Am X3 Billet Aluminum Shock Tower Kit. A 390/428 will fit the Comet using the Crites kits as mentioned. the Coug October 13th 2011, 6:27 am. crites restoration products terms and conditions & shipping arrangements history of crites reproduction products 1966 -1979 fairlane-ranchero-torino-comet-cyclone & falcon 1962-1965 fairlane litening bolt small & big block 1954 shock tower conversion. Shop Chevrolet Camaro Strut and Shock Tower Braces. com/ebaymotors/FE-FORD- dZViewItem. 60-65 Falcon Chassis Stiffening Kit $ 60-65 Falcon MOD Subframe Connectors $ 440. 625 #2 Re install Moog springs with coil size of. 95 CPT Front Frame 'X' Brace for 1971-80 Scout II, Terra or Traveler. The shick tower kit from the Fairlane will help make more room but really is not required. replaces curved tube under motor for header clearance (yes you need it) $130. I had mine in between the stock shock towers with special headers but it was a major pain to install. I finally got around to replacing and notching my shock towers. Suspension Shock Absorber Tower Patch Panel. Post by Jim Clayton » Tue Mar 20, 2007 12:45 am. to/3MKrCoJPatch panel for Rusty forward escape rear shock tower: if you'd li. Jump-start your career with our Premium A-to-Z Microsoft Excel Training Bundle from the new Gadget Hacks Shop and get lifetime access to more than 40 hours of Basic to Advanced instruction on functions, formula, tools, and more. I am in the middle of installing the Crites shock tower kit on my 64 Fairlane and would appreciate photographs of the finished product from anyone who has it complete. Elijahs65comet Posts: 25 Joined: Fri Jan 29, 2010 1:39 am. These braces different pieces and are not the . Review of Lotrscak Tower, Zagreb, Croatia. Then widened the opening so I had about a 1/2" between tower and spring. 1365 Views 2 Replies 2 Participants Last post by Bossman, Aug 31, …. In this work, a shock tower of a mid-size vehicle using steel (St)–aluminium (Al) hybrid-casting technology was developed with current shock towers as a benchmark. I wanted to see if there is any interest in the car before I install the original shock tower. Estimated Ship Date: Nov 20, 2023 if ordered today. Those Pretty Boss 302/351 style tappet covers gives a illusion of big. 1964 Ford Thunderbolt Clone Beautiful Pearl white paint 1971 Ford. The person I got it from started to delete the shock towers but only one was started on. 4-Link Ford Coil-Over Rear Suspension Systems. Plasma cut steel side plates are fixture drilled for perfect fit. MOUNTING KIT, EXPORT BRACE #16A052-3K. I have seen Crites shock tower kit,,,, IMO it's money well spent toward a Heidt front-end kit. As usual, because of the shock towers, they aren't even close to fitting. With out the shock tower isn't a bar/brace needed between the inner . I am currently working on a 64 fairlane that I put a 390 in did crites shock tower kit and motor mounts transmission etc. 1970 Cadillac Eldorado - Cadillac, MI For $5,995. They are compatible with stock inner fender panels and are Product#: D032055. It looks like the Crites kit is what makes this do able in today's world. Block and Crank, Edelbrock Aluminum Heads Ported and Polished, Harland Sharp Roller Rockers, Lunati S. 4446 Views 6 Replies 6 Participants Last post by okura_hubby, Mar 21, 2012 Jump to Latest G. Modification should only consist of grinding the leading edge off of the shock tower near #1. The Crites kit is pretty straight forward. 97; 8mm Aluminum Shock Tower Set 6s Typhon $ 89. But this allows a 351 to FE size engine conversion and should give you motor swap - Page 2. Threw it up on jack stands and pulled the wheels and brake drums last night. Shock tower corrosion compromises vehicle safety and performance, and could lead to a failed state safety inspection. In this video I show how to make a game with my tower defense simulator kit, don't forget to like and subscribe if you enjoyed because I spent a lot of time. frame connectors,car has crites shock tower widener kit installed. includes f/g templates, motor mounts and strut rod mods. Winter Haven, FL 6 years at smartcarguide. What's New; Forum Listing; Marketplace; p-crites-shock-tower-kit-shock-towers-005. It extends the lower shock mount (on the trailing arm) so you can actually use a 10" stroke shock. How much did anyone else remove. The kit allows you to trim inches out of the tower . shock towers and replacing the unused strut . Downloads: | Data Sheet | Install Guide - Export Brace |. Furthermore, the shock tower modifications that the . 1965 Ford Fairlane 500 For $4,500. Cougar, Maverick, and Galaxie restoration. Nothing had to be moved, just use the Crites shock tower kit as it instructs and the 390 will fit, a tight fit, but fit none the less. Decided to put Moog 8088 springs and changed the bar in my UCA which …. Replacement Wheel Kit For Losi Mini-T 2. I figured that would end up being more expensive than the M2 conversion by the time all was said and done. Caseville Cyclones 1965 Comet. 1 Shock Mount; 1 Shock Insulator Kit: Package Quantity: 1: Packaging Type: Box: Selling. Hobby RC Shock Towers Parts for sale. This is the last thing to do before dropping/squeezing it in there. Our 67-70 Mustang Shock Tower Repair and Reinforcement kit is a weld-in kit that repairs cracked or torn shock towers and can also be used to reinforce shock towers for competition use. Also included in both kits are new low roll center (LRC) C and D arm mounts, 66mm CVA bones and axles, and 2. I can tell you that I have a set of twisted wedge heads and the ports on the headers fit the the ports on the TW heads fine. Replacement part for these models: Bandit® VXL. 64 fairlane shock tower removal. Has anyone had the experience of installing Crites shock tower kit on the 64 fairlanes ? I have the kit and am concerned about the instructions and ph Crites - 332-428 Ford FE …. 5" diameter coil over shock towers, most vehicles will fit a 12 - 14" coilover with these and no, they are not hoops! These are 12" above the frame at the shock mounting position center, 15 degrees offset from the frame and are 2" deep when measured from the outside face of the frame towards the engine compartment. Shock Tower Replacements Build Strength Into Classic. Straight axles are for removal of shock towers and wrench room on big block engines. If your fab skills are up to par …. Adjustable Strut Rod Kits – AMC & FORD. Tube Shock Towers – Barnes 4WD. Browse through a selection of ride control parts designed to meet the strict specifications of Ford Motor Company. Joined: Nov 13, 2006 Posts: 1,066. These must be taken from a donor Maverick or Comet, or are available new from Crites 250 C4 transmission will fit the 302, but will not stand up to too much abuse (at the least, rebuild & install a shift kit). OR AUTO, W/ STK (SHOCK TOWER KIT) they do stop at 67 now ! New LITENING BOLT Decals Are Here 45" long x 3" Tall $ 250. 587 and use the thicker coil spacer thats in there now. 1966 -1979 FAIRLANE-RANCHERO-TORINO-COMET-CYCLONE & FALCON. Shock Tower and Apron Assembly, Passenger Side, Steel, EDP Coated, Ford, Mercury, Each. Once your done it’s nice to have the extra room to get an FE engine into the bay, or just more maintenance room for a smaller engine. It’s designed to fit and Intended to bring your vehicle back to its original glory Budget-friendly alternative to the OEM part. 302 roller 4 speed Real cars are built to be driven and driven hard!!!. The site advertises " 1966-69 Fairlane & Comet rear spring relocation kit (6" more clearance) - $139 ". The shock tower plates are first class with strong gussets for a. (1 1/2" per side) I am staying Windsor based for my engine but I wonder about the wider track as it relates to tire clearance, size and. does anyone have before & after pix of crites shock tower kit ? how much space can be gained , also would someone have install instructions so I could see whats involved? thanks. NPD Part Number : 3439-1R Manufacturer Reference #'s: 12-3008 (13142),. The system is made up of three separate component groups; the export brace, fender Monte Carlo brace, and truss braces. AMK Products Front Shock Mounting Bolt Stainless Steel Set 1967-1970. 1962-1965 Ford Fairlane Crites shock tower export brace, Crites Big Block 460 engine frame mounts, Fiberglass covers for covering the shock towers after trimmng. This mammoth mill made 425 HP on paper, but true horsepower may have been between 500 …. 00 ***** Coil Spring Base Swivel Brackets These should be replaced when installing the. Specify year of block as: 1962 & earlier or 1963 & later. The GEN II lowered the Eng, and sets if farther back. CRITES RESTORATIONS 13155 USR 23, ASHVILLE OH 43103 PH: 740-983-4777 FAX: 740-983-9691 Email: :tbolt427@verizon. You can earn points for purchasing this product. But wait - there's more, inside the Grič cannon fires every day exactly at noon. Need more room in your early Fairlane (1962-65) engine bay? Here’s the answer: our shock tower trim kit. So you have a closed pipe excited at one end. Because it is a bias tire the sidewalls flex more than a radial and need extra width in the wheel well. C-4 trans mount crossmember 89. Need Pics of Crites Shock Tower Kit. MY plans calls for a stroked 351 windsor backed by a. Soon Charles noticed another gap in the market and just like before he filled it. The woofer is mounted at the top of the front baffle. "I went to Charles Crites of Crites Restoration Products in Ashville, Ohio--he carries most of the unique and specific Thunderbolt parts, including the fiberglass panels, the kits used to cut back the front shock towers, the battery relocation kit and the air induction tubes. Get your vehicle back to its original condition to enjoy superior handling and a smooth and comfortable ride again with the TRQ shock absorber and suspension kit. Crites restoraitions sells a kit with a template for cutting, pieces to weld back in, pictures and instructions. They supply the patern for the notch with their headers. (Kits need to be returned as a complete kit, we cannot accept returns on partial kits). With the MII there are no model specific headers available for Comets. history of crites reproduction products. On the stock strut-rod suspension: I have occasionally driven mine at 100mph on curvy back-roads with no problem. 1964 Ford Fairlane Satılık. 1966 Mercury Comet For Sale 61 Used Cars From $2,850. Another shock tower question. I used their templates to notch my shock towers on my 65 Comet when I went to a 418"/351W,really opens up the engine bay. Don't miss this beauty it's ready to go. I started to finally install my new interior a couple of months ago. Wicked 427 Thunderbolt! 1964 Ford Fairlane. cool40 November 13th 2012, 9:00 pm. Can-Am Maverick X3 Upper Boxed Control Arms. kits as used on the later 1968 1/2 CJ MUST. First Crites says the only way to do the 351W is to do the shock tower conversion. The welding process will shrink the shock towers if not braced apart. Crites shock tower plates already installed. But there are plenty of available options within that simple description, and a few things to look out for. Post Jan 17, 2009 #1 2009-01-17T00:37. Suspension wise what should i do? I know the 6 cylinder suspension isnt made for the. Crites make a 351w specific headers that is supposed to fit with no modification, or maybe manifolds depending on how performance oriented your engine will be. Also, If you have power brakes, the ford racing valve covers will Suprisingly after doing the shock tower mods the big block headers . Then look no further than the combination of the RRS Strut and Brake Kits and the RRS Shock Tower Notching Kit. But New York's WOR (710) isn't just any radio station. Jun 24, 2004 145 0 0 Amityville, NY. 351W conversion and shock tower kit. Remove the paper template and cut about 1 1/2' inside the marked line. Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2023 4:38 pm Post subject: Re: weld on 10 in shock towers. Does anyone have a good picture of the 460 motor mounts from Crites. However, this is not as easy as say a 302 swap. and there will be 2 holes in your shock tower. Qty: View cart () Continue shopping Submit. Crites 63/64 Fairlane shock tower kit. I installed a s3 gusset kit and …. Lotrscak Tower: Burglars' Tower - See 567 traveler reviews, 804 candid photos, and great deals for Zagreb, Croatia, at Tripadvisor. shock towers i might have just enough room. In the new Klipschorn AK6 ($14,998/pair), the bass horn has been completed with the addition of three large MDF panels, plus additional internal bracing. This is a video tutorial of the installation of RRS kit. Dynacorn Shock Tower Kit is made of high quality materials to serve you for years to come. Suspension Shock Absorber Tower Patch Panel. I then fitted the plates and had my son(a very good welder) weld in the plates inside and out. OK I just installed a Crites engine bay kit so I can finally put an FE in my '65 comet. For use when adding a lift up to 6" and retaining FACTORY LENGTH SHOCKS! Or when needing room for larger turbos and 2nd gen …. We spent 3 full days on it and turned out a very professional looking conversion. templates for marking and cutting shock towers are close but still lack some fitting and cutting to make it fit correctly. I did customer service for years and dont take much bad …. ENGINE COMPARTMENT CONVERSION INSTRUCTIONS 1962-65 FAIRLANE OR METEOR FOR 390-427-428-429-460 ENGINES. These are the pics of the fairlane shocktower kit 1962-65. It isn"t orginal but if you are messing with 351, I'm guessing you won't be worried about points at your next car show. EVANS RACE PARTS Page 1 of 1 Crites 63/64 …. Contact Tower Trailer Park. FE's, Thunderbolts and single malt scotch. Hood pin kits are recommended for all hoods. 1983 - 1988 T-BIRD & COUGAR PARTS UPCOMING SHOWS FOR CRITES Cars and Parts SHOCKTOWER PHOTOS FOR FAIRLANE - COMET & FALCON CAR PICTURES FOR SALE MESSAGE BOARD LOOK FOR CHARLES CRITES ESTATE AUCTIONS (10-12) AT WWW. Finish your 64-65 Falcon project by ordering this 1964-1965 Ford Falcon Shock Tower Kit Driver Side (LH) from Raybuck today!. One thing I did different than Jake, I put the thick washer in last, they do stay in place the way Jakes does it. 66 Fastback FE powered info. I need to know ASAP if I can drop a 351c with stock manifolds into a 64. Shock Tower Export Brace (brace towers to firewall & highly reccomended) 1962 - 1965. Total Control Products - Shock Tower Brace System. Tower Defense Simulator Kit Easy!. Ford F Series Shock Tower With 1. Can-Am X3 Front Double Shear Gusset Kit. The Crites kit moves the tires out an …. First off, the Crites shock tower kit had been installed. 0mm Carbon Fiber Rear Shock Tower. 1967 Fairlane The 429 is ready to go in. These kits are used to close out the stock inner fender panels after removing the original strut towers. Id also be looking to Crites for allot of the engine swap parts. The front shock tower features a wing mount provision and the rear tower features three different wing mounting positions for added adjustment. Shock Absorber and Suspension Kit by TRQ®. Genuine BMW Strut Brace Kit for E82 128i 135i 135is and 1M. Crites makes long tube headers for the Mustang 460 C6 or C4 but not a clutch car. For anyone who may be contemplating a big block swap, or A/FX car, there is a unused Crites shock tower kit on Ebay right now. 460 swap into 1968 Mustang. Lightweight, tubular aluminum construction. Topic: Crites Shock tower Kits ??? 64FalconF-16 Gearhead. To do this, along with the frame mount towers or pillars, you will need the stock 429/460 rubber mounts that can be had frm any autoparts store, and exhaust syst. The Crites kit does come with a. Includes right and left shock towers. 1964/ 1965 351 THRU ALL FE ENGINES. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. Crites does not list any suspension parts on their website. Who on here has experience with the Crites Shock tower kit? I was unaware that it moved the front spindles outward! How much does it move the spindles/wheels out? Can I still use a 302 or do I have to go 351W? What motor mounts do you use? The kit is an easy way for me to repair my. According to Crites, there is enough room in the engine bay for a 427. Please note: Price, Weight, and Parts Spec information is subject to change. Also available: TowerPack Tower Rescue System – ProSeal the ultimate storage solution for mission-critical equipment. Body has a scratches and dings but no visible major damage. I went M2 and removed the shock towers instead of doing the crites shock tower notching kit because I would still have to replace most of the worn out stock falcon ball joints, steering box, tie rods etc anyway. It appears that the control arm position moves out diagonally about an inch. Dirt King Fabrication Ram 1500 lift, leveling, mid travel, and long travel suspension kits. I used their templates to notch my shock towers on my 65 Comet when I went to a …. for extra clearance for big & small block engines (detailed instructions included) Specify with or without cut shock towers. Crites can help shed the weight. The RRS notching kit will increase the distance between your shock towers by up to11 inches allowing ample space for that mammoth 426 or 429 big block as well as turbo small block and hard to fit header applications. Both the Level 1 and Level 2 fork kit costs £660, while the shock is £498. After many attempts to adapt these $450 headers (read heating them and dimpling the crap out of them) came to the conclusion that yeah I can continue beating and they will work but I was restricting the already relatively small 1-5/8" id tubes that I was going to compromise performance. Browse ball joint / uniball upper control arms (UCA's), lower control arms (LCA's), Fox shocks, King shocks, bed cages, bumpers, bump stops, wheels, axles, lighting. 2017 - 2020 Raptor Rear Bed Cage Shock Tower for 20. Is there anyone in Alabama that does the Crites Shock tower conversion? If not who is the closest that will do it? Michael mikes2redhds@pmtnet. 1964-70 Mustang; Detroit Speed; Shock Tower Delete Kit. Barnes 4WD Frenched shock towers are great way to get your Air shocks, Coilovers or ORI struts out boarded so they can work to their full potential. Make sure to get the right adjusters, BJ beams use a different torsion spring stack then a LP beam, as for the 10 travel shock towers they are for LP beams, you are stuck with the travel of the ball joints on a BJ beam. Which tower kit?The FE one comes with the templates,the patch panels,a cross member,motor mounts,springs and instructions. 1365 Views 2 Replies 2 Participants Last post by Is there anyone out there that has some good detailed pics of a Crites shock tower kit being installed?The pics that Crites sent me are quite franklycrap. OT, CRITES FE shock tower kit and extras for 62-65 Comet??'s. Both kits utilize redesigned, low-profile shock towers with shorter shock shafts and bodies to lower the center of gravity, providing more predictable handling. Bigblock68Stang Discussion starter. 00 EACH ***** MOTOR MOUNT SUPPORTS. 1964 Ford Thunderbolt Clone Beautiful Pearl white paint 1971 Ford 302 c. A shock tower includes first and second portions for attaching a suspension damper and a control arm to a vehicular body. Problem is most of the shock tower notch kits are made for converting to Mustang II front suspension. s Parts also say they don't fit the '65 Fairlane. 00 Shock Tower Export Brace (brace towers to firewall & highly reccomended) 1962 - 1965 $195. Check the A frame support gussets supplied in this kit as these pieces must be welded under platform later. 5" tube and top quality US Steel for the mounts. With the torino vs a mustang the leaf perches are 2" in board from a torino. The company seems to think so: In September 2018, they introduced a new, easier-to-install version of the world's most long-lived commercial loudspeaker. Very fun car ready to go for the season. It will give you plenty of room for the 351W. Lotrscak Tower: Worth the steps - See 551 traveler reviews, 728 candid photos, and great deals for Zagreb, Croatia, at Tripadvisor. Mercury Cougar 1967 - 69 Mercury Meteor 1962 - 65. Jump to Latest Follow 18K views 9 replies 7 participants last post by 1964 Fairlane Apr 12, 2012. This Comet has also been equipped with Seat . This set of shock tower top mounting hardware comes with 6 carriage-style bolts, 6 locking nuts and 6 washers. It's well-established it fits in the 67-70 Mustang, there are even motor mounts and headers available for the job. Tamiya DT02 Guide, Mods tuning and tips for club …. This is an FE in a 64 Fairlane with Crites tower kit, pretty close with headers . Im trying to front crossmember and radiator support, also the front frame extensions that the radius supports attach too. WOW! That is really cool! I LOVE the tubbed pics, and it is realy cool to see the car through the years. pretty simple and straight forward. HISTORY OF CRITES REPRODUCTION PRODUCTS. Excellent rust free body with all the Crites A/FX modifications completed. The shock tower kit from Crites finally showed up. that notched shock tower kit is available from Crites Performance. It took very little work to make the lines right on it when I got it and it was drilled and tapped perfect when it arrived. 1962 - 1965 351 W 2 inch Header. I have many more pictures, but ebay limits me to only 24. Tusk has solved that problem with our front shock tower mounting kit, built specifically for the Tusk 12" LED light bar and like all Tusk products this mount is affordable and built to last. 00 C-4 trans mount crossmember 89. This Comet has also been equipped with Seat belts, Power. Detroit Speed shock tower delete kit for 1964-70 Mustang. i bought a 64 falcon at a descent price. » Crites 63/64 Fairlane shock tower kit » Belly Pans on Shock Tower Cars. CRF300 Rally Raid: Upgrades to turn lightweight Honda into mini. Pretty agricultural! Last edited: Feb 15, 2016. Fiberglass hood,fiberglass front n rear bumper. 64 fairlane 500 originally out of AZ. I would also get larger sway bars (add one to the rear), and beefen up the shock towers, either with extra welds or supports to handle the new weight of the beast. I traced out the towers with the templates provided by Crites and proceeded to cut with a cutoff tool. Post by CALIFORNIA CALIENTE » Sun …. Adjustable shock hoop kits complete with shock mounting tabs. Specialty Auto Parts For Sale. Global West manufactures a 4-bar tubular export brace for the 1964, 1965, and 1966 Mustang. 1957 - 1962 Galaxie or Mercury FE. Just curious if a 400 would fit it it with out extreme refab of shock towers etc Thanks guys would help a lot cause I got a complete motor …. I say that because with their system you will not have a problem with putting on the headers. Beltline Weatherstrips; Door Seal Kits; Door Seals; Glass Channels; Hood To Cowl Seals;. Hours of business are: Monday thru Thursday. It has been doing that for the last. you wanna drop a 429/460 into you '66. The Gateway Performance Suspension strut system replaces most of the factory components, including a large coil spring on top of an upper A-arm. Who on here has experience with the Crites Shock tower kit? I was unaware that it moved the front spindles outward! How much does it move the in this thread in this sub-forum in the entire site. We may earn a commission for products purchased through links on this page. Crites Shock tower Kits ???. I've decided to install the 347 in the Comet & the 408 in the 65 Fairlane since supposedly the Crites headers. also the frame connectors fit …. The circuit board had adequate space to modify. this was in august until now i do not …. Step by step installation of Rock Pirates RC front and rear shock towers on a Traxxas TRX-4 Sport. The 429 was a factory option in the 1970 Torino, and the 1971 Mustang. Same with the 88300's you mentioned. Re: need shock tower measurements/ Kaase. It is two preformed plates to weld over your rusted shock tower. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you. VW Baja Bug Front Suspension. will need to be cleaned very good to get a good weld inside and out. Afler the Shock tower mod, i was able to use long tubes by Hedman spec;d for a Maverick with 289-302, they were on sale at $200. These shock towers are 2″ taller than the stock shock towers. Advanced Search Crites Anyone? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. Just got done putting my 66 -72 fairlane summit headers in my fairlane!!!! I wanted room so I did the Crites shock tower kit and also got rid of the factory tranny mounts that come off of the torque boxes. I bought the Crites shock tower delete kit but decided to not go that way. Let me give you a piece of advice on this topic. Universal Outboard Rear Shock Tower Kit, Short This is a SHORTER and thinner version of our RSM-1001 outboard rear shock towers for the Jeep Wrangler TJ, Jeep LJ, Jeep YJ or CJ-7. Cubic inches= 351W, (Tell everyone it is a 289, most cant tell the diffLOL)aluminum heads, shorty headers are OK. Traxxas Sledge Top Accessories. I have an extra set, coated with Eastwoods new Hi-heat coating in Aluminum finish. Crites lists the following on their site- Shock Tower kit for extra clearance for big & small block engines (detailed instrustions included) They don't have any pics. Will 351w bolt in 64 Fairlane?. CALIFORNIA CALIENTE Posts: 5933 Joined: Mon Feb 20, 2006 5:57 am Location: Camarillo,California. bought them a few years ago and never used them. Strut Tower Braces; Sway Bars; Engine Oil Accessories; Oil / Filter; Oil Coolers; Oil Pans; Air Intakes / Filters; Blow Off Valves; Ignition System / Fuel Injectors; HKS Cold Air Intake Full Kit for the GR86 / BRZ 2022+ $1,550. the 64,65,66 mustangs are small. Question is: #1 cut a coil out of Crites spring which coil size is. 1964 Ford Fairlane à venda. the cougars are same as mustangs and i "think" the torino is too. 500 miles on rebuild New Radiator New Flywheel New Hayes clutch Lakewood Blowproof Bellhousing Weiand Aluminum intake Edelbrock 600 cfm carburetor Hooker Supercomp Headers w/ Thermal Tech coating 4 speed trains w/ Hurst shifter Currie narrowed 9' …. Crites Shock tower kit with new Coil springs & Shocks Sun tachometer 1964 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt clone Ready to cruise or race, beautiful restoration on this classic Ford Allstar. Good afternoon, looking for information (preferably a kit) to notch my shock towers to allow for the headers on a 427. 29,900 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 - Thunderbolt Clone. 300 taller than a Cleveland, won't be much wider than stock 351C. Team Associated Factory Team NTC3 Polished Hinge Pin Set, #1652 Sold Out. Friday 9:00 AM TO 3:00 PM WEEKENDS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. have a new set of the headers for the …. Jeg's says they're for 66-73 Fairlanes. Find Used Ford Fairlane 1964 For Sale In Michigan (with Photos). I am planning on using the Crites shock tower kit. - Crites shock tower kit used but thicker metal used for additional strength. For a Windsor to fit you have to modify the shock towers. I have the kit and am concerned about the instructions and ph Has anyone had the experience of installing Crites shock tower kit on the 64 fairlanes ? Crites - 332-428 Ford FE Engine Forum. Made of billet aluminum, this is going to provide a ton of extra strength to your Can-Am X3's front end. Got to say that after 13 years my hood got its first spider crack over the winter. com">Putting a 429 in a 69 Mustang Fastback. The Crites shock tower kit is cheap enough, no sense fooling around trying to engineer it myself. Here's a few pics of the Comet, Did the Crites shock tower kit today. I would like to know if I will have to do any cutting on the transmission tunnel in order. This kit is designed to allow you to run larger shocks on the front of your 4x-Series Toyota Land Cruisers, which will help with ride quality for a smoother ride on and off the road. Has to cut alot out of the center shock tower rib & beat the actual shock tower to the point that it was hitting the upper control arm. item 7 Dorman 924-358 Rear Passenger Side Shock Rust Repair Kit for Select Ford / Mazda Dorman 924-358 Rear Passenger Side Shock Rust Repair Kit for Select Ford / Mazda. This Comet has been rewired with a Ron Francis Kit. 8 individual pipes with one pipe for each side crossing over to the other. The drag tire I use on the mini-tubbed leaf spring'ed 65' has at least 12. The Crites kit for a '66 Fairlane is the only kit that will work without mods on my car. Small Block V8 Motor Mount Kit. Install the new shock into the shock tower. This kit contains: Strut Rod Gussets - A-Frame Lower Brace & A-Frame Lower Mounts. 1964 Ford Fairlane for sale $46,900. KIT 351 THRU ALL FE ENGINES MOTOR MOUNT SUPPORTS [ These mounts must be used with our shocktower kit ] Motor Mount insulators 289-302-351 - $50 pair Motor mount frame 289-302-351 - $84 pair i got the shocktower kit but the other parts were missing thanks a lot tom from europe. 00, fit really well & great ground clearance. Lots of good photos there for those who are curious about the towers:. The kit comes complete with stainless steel hardware and is constructed from 1/8" aluminum plate. 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 Click the icon to hear our commercial! CALL US TODAY TO MAKE AN OFFER 636-600-4600 sales@motoexotica. Brake Kits Chassis Stiffening, Braces, Connectors Body Bushings Front Strut Braces Pro Touring g-Connectors Pro Touring Roll Cages Shock Tower Braces Cougar 67-70 Cougar 71-73 Falcon 60-65 Mustang 64-70 Mustang 71-73 Rear Control Arm Braces Chassis, gStreet Pro-Touring Drivetrain Mounts (Direct-Fit). Detroit Speed's shock tower delete kit works directly with their popular front suspension systems. Crites is known for specializing in. - Crites export brace - Crites lower crossmember - Rear wheel well clearanced for larger diameter tires - All original fomoco glass in great shape with exception of the windshield which is new. heres the expense list to make a thunderbolt conversion. 00 each left or right 1964-1965 COMET RAM …. In the rear of the car the KYB shocks and 5 Leaf springs are set up perfectly to make the car sit with an aggressive stance and ready to burn some rubber with the 8 inch 350 Posi rear. Is that possible without messing up the structural integrity/support of the towers?. ** CALIFONIA EMISSION MACHINES WILL REQUIRE MODIFICATION TO USE THE SHOCK BRACKETS. SHOCKTOWER PHOTOS FOR FAIRLANE - COMET & FALCON. Original Replacement Ford (Dual Shock) Coil Spring Shock Towers, Left Side (Driver Side), Right Side (Passenger Side), Replaces Both Sides, Applications With Dual Shock Front Suspension, Direct Fit To Existing Ford Frame Holes, This Dual Shock Tower Kit Comes With (1 Pair) of (1 1/2") Front Leveling Coil Springs,. Looks like a back yard repair job by Abbot & Costello! This kit would replace the damaged areas. I used the templates borrowed from a friend. I modified the way Crites has you notch the lower area where the stock motor mounts bolt on,actually just could have done it my way originally! ROY. Giving you all the room you need to. What headers will fit if I install the Crites shock tower kit? I really dont want to use the Hookers because of ground clearance. The best part of all is that you retain the integrity (strength) of your shock towers. 95 Vintage Strut Rod Adjuster Kit. Hightower represents Santa Cruz’s greatest hits, showcasing our design, engineering, and performance prowess. 95 CPT Universal Front Suspension Reverse …. Years ago I bought a Crites shock tower kit.