Eaton Fuller 10 Speed Oil Capacity Eaton Fuller 10 Speed Oil CapacityParts Manuals for 10 Speed Eaton Fuller Transmissions. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Other than that I havent seen to many heating problems running syn 50 weight trans oil. 46 mm] 10 forward, 2 reverse RTO-12910B-AS3 1250 lbs. 3 Introduction Shift Positions 6-Speed Eaton recheck the oil level at normal idle speed in neutral, again adding oil to obtain. 50 New---- Used; Oil Cooler for 1998-2002 Dodge RAM Cummins Transmission 5014861aa 3935812. It is recommended that types and brands of oil not be intermixed because of possible incompatibility. The Eaton Fuller RTO-6610 for sale is a 10-speed Manual transmission. ('95 KW T800 truck) I just got this truck, and there is no manual. 5 [11] Recommended Oil: Eaton PS-386: Integral Oil Pump: Required option: New Hydraulic Clutch Actuator for Eaton® Fuller® RT, FT, and Lightning Transmissions. ) or AP1-SE, or AP1-CC SAE 30 Below + 10oF. in the tools and supplies, misc products category. I have a 2007 Kenworth t800 with an Eaton Fuller Automatic. Genuine Eaton K2918 Oil seal Kit. Fuller Automated Transmissions TRSM0011. This document provides detailed instructions, diagrams, and specifications for troubleshooting and repairing your vehicle's transmission system. Eaton Fuller 10-speed Eaton Fuller Super 13 Eaton Fuller Super 13R with retarder Eaton Fuller Super 18 Eaton Fuller Super 18R with retarder Eaton RT-18. Eaton Fuller 10 speed Gear Oil Thoughts. For Meritor axles: 35 lbf·ft (47 N·m). What is oil capacity of fuller 13 speed?. without an oil cooler, and expansion to 110,000 lbs. Transmission (Fuller 2-speed AT- . Allied Syntx MTF 7000 Synthetic Transmission Fluid X Bardahl de Mexico S. The other four ratios are used once in LO range and once again in HI range. Automated transmission (44 pages) Microphone system Eaton FS-4205A Installation Manual. Pour In Caterpillar Performance. Eaton Fuller HD FR/FRO transmissions service manual …. The Eaton Fuller FS-4005B for sale is a 5-speed Manual transmission. Item description from the seller . A precision lubrication system reduces the oil "churn" and overall energy losses found in conven- tional transmissions by nearly one-third. " '93 W350 CC, LE, 5spd, HTT modded H1C, 4" DE. For your synchronized trans you will notice too heavy of oil. Eaton's mission is to improve the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services. 53; Eaton FR-15210B 10-speed 14. Eaton FO-16E308LL-VCS Pdf User Manuals. 2019 Freightliner Cascadia 125 DOT INSPECTED AND READY TO WORK Detroit DD15 400 HP, Auto DT12 Transmission, 226" WB, 40K RA, 72" Raised Roof 2 Bed Sleeper. The UltraShift 10-speed is based on the Eaton Fuller 10-speed “B” ratio transmission and is offered in four torque capacities from 1,050 lbs. Fuller 5 and 6 speed medium. With the 6 speed, the most I have seen anyone get with a pan drop was 7 1/2 quarts. Eaton PS-386 Heavy Duty Synthetic Lubricant X X X X X X X Allied Oil and Tire Co. do not include transmissions or oil coolers. Eaton® Fuller® Reman™ Transmissions Eaton’s Fuller Reman is second only to a new transmission. TRANSMISSION€ Eaton-Fuller 14210 10 Capacity: 11 liter€ TRANSMISSIONS 10 SPEED FRO-14210C€ KROON-OIL B. Eaton Fuller 10 Speed Transmission Ratios. Chelsea 489 Series Power Take-Off (PTO) fits most manual transmissions such as Eaton Fuller, Mack, Tremec, with an 8-Bolt PTO mounting aperture. 5 RUBBER,6 ALUMINUM WHEELS,ALL NEW AC COMPONENTS,NEW BATTERIES AND STARTER,RUST FREE See More …. Find International, Peterbilt, and Terex for sale on Machinio. You can loop hose and see if trans overheats, or they make bypass plate that mounts …. operation during vehicle launch. Find International 4700, 7300, PAYSTAR 5500i 6x6, 4400, PAYSTAR 5900i, 4500, 2654, 7400, and 4300 and other cab chassis trucks for sale on Machinio. Balance of Manufacturers Warranties-Additional Warranties Available. RTO-6610 Eaton Fuller Transmission RTO-6610 Eaton Fuller Transmission is currently available in our stock. We provide sustainable solutions that help our customers effectively manage. Only run 50W synthetic in all of our trucks. Ratios and Steps: Shift Pattern: GEAR RATIO % STEP 8th H 0. Transmission SYN 7000 X TOTAL Specialties USA, Inc. Nees advice on 10 speed eaton fuller transmission. less weight than current product “Super 10”. i have a 2010 Volvo with eaton fuller 10 speed. 5,000 miles (4827 to 8045 Km) oil on new units Every 10,000 miles (16090 Km) Inspect oil level. Now available as the standard manual transmission spec at many OEMs, the Fuller Advantage® Series Manual 10-speed transmission is the most efficient heavy-duty manual transmission available. The combined use of the Eaton Warranty Manual TCWY 0600 and the Eaton Warranty Guide TCWY0900 expresses Transmissions Models: 7, 9, 10 Speeds (Note 1) [Excludes Fuller UltraShift LST (DM)] 8600 / 8700 Series (Model exceptions shown below) Transmissions Models: 7, 9, 10-Speed (Note 1) 1100-1800 lb-ft. Never mix engine oils and gear oils in the same transmission. 5 Speed; 6 Speed; 7 Speed; 8 Speed; 9 Speed; 10 Speed; 13 Speed; 15 Speed; 18 Speed; 5 Speed; Model Speed Info Page Parts Manual Service Manual; Eaton Fuller RT-6610: 10-speed Manual: View Page : Eaton Fuller RT-9710B: 10-speed Manual: View Page : Eaton …. It provides detailed instructions, illustrations, and specifications for all models and components. Change oil and filters regularly. MODEL CAPACITYWEIGHT*LENGTH** SPEEDS. What Is the DT466 Engine Oil Capacity?. Who is correct?, Technician A …. Oil Capacity 27 pints Transmission Center of Gravity Location * Magnetic speed pickup for vehicle use may be supplied by vehicle manufacturer. Fuller 5- and 6-speed medium-duty manual transmission. Unless your pulling super (permitted/escorted heavy haul) loads through the mountains. Eaton">UltraShift PLUS Automated Transmission TRDR1110 EN. Fill to bottom of fill hole (at normal operating temperature, level surface). Automated Transmissions – Heavy. Miles Max: 60000; Months Max: 12. Final Check Make sure capscrews are properly torqued. Both the 3000 and 4000 series transmissions put torque specs at 38 to 45 pound-feet. Which oil is best for your Eaton Fuller Medium-Duty transmissions FS-5406N? Complete professional advice, including motor oil, gearbox oil (transaxle) and lubricants for the power steering system, brake system and cooling system. Which oil is best for your Eaton Fuller Heavy-Duty transmissions 9 speed RTO-14909ALL? Complete professional advice, including motor oil, gearbox oil (transaxle) and lubricants for the power steering system, brake system and cooling system. That’s why you’ll find it as standard position at several truck OEMs. It’s also a good idea to determine whether you will drive the truck primarily on and near. Fuller 5 & 6 Speed Transmissions - EatonLearn how to operate and maintain the Fuller 5 and 6 speed transmissions, which are designed for light and medium duty vehicles with engines up to 860 Nm of torque. Clutch Adjustment Eaton Fuller 6 Speed Transmission. Eaton Fuller HD FR/FRO transmissions service manual (TRSM2400). EATON FULLER FS-6406a Transmission; 6 Speed Manual; or Best Offer. 2011 Elliott 1881 18 ton Straight Boom on 2006 Sterling. † Special 630-02 adapter designed for the Fuller® UltraShift transmission. • Integral oil pump standard on 14 & 1600 models. 2018 Peterbilt 389 Cummins X15 Extended Cummins Warranty 605 HP 18 Speed 1850 Torque 11R22. 375 10 Intermediate shift bar support (16 x 1. Lightning transmissions are available through the Eaton authorized distributors. The International DT466 diesel engine has a 28- or 30-liter engine oil capacity depending on model. Proper Oil Level Make sure oil is level with filler opening. 10 Speed Eaton Fuller Transmission. Eaton FULLER 10 Speed Transmission Shift Knob Medallion 5586106. Eaton AutoShift ® 10 speed; Eaton AutoShift ® 18 speed; Eaton Endurant XD Series; DT12-V; Automatic. Special applications may require ordering of additional clutch housings. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Oct 29, 2011 #1 The oil pump lines are higher up in the oil level of the trans so its not like its gonna be a big rush of oil coming out. 85w 90 is for Mack 2007 Honda Rubicon 500cc Single, 5spd fluid drive trans, 27x10-12 Front 27x12-12 . mile marker 27 Heavy Load Member. These models can be supported using Service Manuals. Product line: MAX 7 Oil Viscosity Classification SAE: 75W-80 Recommendations: Audi / Seat / Skoda / VW, G 009 317, G 052 171, G 052 178, G 052 512, G 052 532, G 052 527, G 052 726, G 052 798, G 055 726, BMW MTF LT-1, BMW MTF LT-2, BMW MTF LT-3, BMW MTF LT-4, Ford WSS-M2C200-D2, MB 235. Eaton ®Fuller Transmissions are designed so that the internal parts operate in a bath of oil circulated by the motion of gears and shafts. Vermeer 604 Super M Round Baler, Net Wrap, 11,000 Bales, Very Clean, John Deere 712 Disk Chisel, Brillion SS10 10’ Seeder VEHICLES & TRAILERS: 13’ Freightliner Cascadia 125 Day Cab Semi, Detroit DD15, Eaton Fuller 10 Speed, 626,208 Miles, 89’ Kenworth Day Cab Semi Tractor, Cat Diesel, Eaton Fuller 10 Speed, …. speed on RT-1251O and RTF-1 2510 models,. Oil Capacity– Oil capacities are approximate, depending on inclination of transmission. 80; Eaton FRO-16210C 10-speed 17. New Volvo VNR Semi Truck Specifications. Lightning CL HSG FRO/F-10 Speed CL HSG RTLO/F 13 Speed CL HSG TA-D66/75-SAU-10 Standard aluminum upper cross shaft. UltraShift PLUS Transmissions are designed for the. Various torque ratings are available. Allison has traditionally offered a few options for transmission fluid, including TES 295, TES 468 and TES 389. 10-speed B ratio PTO gear turns at. Swiveling pump handle permits ease of operation in restricted working spaces. The Eaton ECA clutch is the only master clutch engineered for UltraShift PLUS and Fuller Advantage Torque Capacity: 1850. Service Bulletin – Product. Back to original question, when the 'S' trucks came out, as Swishy said, idea was to keep the p/mover as short as practicable so as to maximise. This can be caused by several things, but the most common cause is from not changing the transmission fluid regularly. the shift is about 50 rpm below engine rated speed. Fuller AT-1202 auxiliary transmission. Every 500 hours Change transmission oil where. Make sure all gaskets are installed. 68 k-3423 17 4300204 oil seal 235394 1 shaft 1. 89 shipped to me and it takes 3-4 days from the time I order it. 20 k-2262 oil seal w/slinger 19109 20807 20808 1 "for mechanical cover" k-2765,k-2773 21 k-3651 oil seal tool kit 1 22 4302320 cover 21346 2 beginning w/serial numbers 51130829, 70765646 & all serial numbers starting with an alpha character s-2781 23 4305978 gasket 4302246 1 beginning w/serial numbers. Find the best priced new and used Eaton-Fuller FRO16210C w/ Internal Oil Cooler - Core - Grade C - Rebuildable - 2 Rows Have Broken Teeth 10 SPEED, 1650 TORQUE. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Technician A says that the air filter regulator is the first place to check if a Fuller 13-speed transmission air shift system is not working correctly. 2011 Durastar electrical issues Erik2003 posted Oct 20, 2023 at 1:35 PM. If you strip a bolt, the entire . The Endurant HD is a lightweight, highly efficient transmission designed for superb driveability in on-highway applications. 18-speed PTO gears both turn at. Torque Range 1,250-1,850 lb-ft. Eaton FRO-16210C Transmission Service Manual. All parts and components meet or exceed Eaton’s specifications. Eaton Fuller 13 Speed Transmission Ratios. Transmission (Eaton Fuller UltraShift (AMT) - FO series). The Procision dual-clutch transmission requires the use of Eaton PS-278 lubricant. Jasper Engines & Transmissions now offers a remanufactured Ford 10R80 transmission, with electronically controlled 10-speeds, for late-model . Eaton Fuller 10 speed Gear Oil Thoughts. The Benefits of Compressing Large PDFs: Enhancing Storage and Speed. • Integral oil pump is standard on RTO-16908LL and optional on RTO-14908LL. How shifting gears work inside a manual 10 speed eaton fuller. Medium Duty Truck, Eaton Fuller FS6406 6 speed manual transmission Clutch Adjustment. EnterpriseLKQ Heavy Truck Maryland …. ZF 13 Speed Transmission Operator Manual TP 90192. (12) 12 product ratings - Eaton Fuller 10 Speed Transmission Shift Knob Medallion Pattern 5586106 OEM. The most popular type of Fuller transmission is the Ultrashift 10-speed. Created Date: 10/12/2023 9:22:36 AM. A balance of performance and efficiency. UltraShift PLUS transmissions are designed for optimal fuel efficiency, and less wear and tear on drivetrain components for reduced maintenance costs. Eaton 10 Speed Service Manual - Free ebook download as PDF File (. The Eaton Fuller 10 Speed Transmission Grinding is a problem that many truck owners have been having. Use clean oil and clean containers when filli ng transmission. 5 mm) Weight: 794 lbs (360 kg) End Yoke: SPL-250, 1810, 1710 series …. 7-liter Cummins turbo diesel engine is approximately 12 quarts, and it is available in three variations as of the company’s 2013 model year. Recommended Lubricants Grade Type (SAE) Eaton® Roadranger® CD50 Transmission Fluid 50 All Heavy Duty Engine 011 MI L-L-2104B C or D or 50 Above 10 oF(-12 C. 2006 International 7600 T/A Truck Tractor, 350 Hp, 41,675 Miles Showing, Title Will Be Marked Miles Exempt, Cummins ISM 875, Engine Brake, Eaton Fuller, 10-Speed Forward Speeds, Dual Fuel Tanks, 250 Gal Gal Fuel Capacity, 1 Air Cleaner(s), Single Exhaust, 6x4 Drive, 177" Wheel Base, 1200 Front Axle Lbs. eaton endurant hd series eeo-14f112-c, eeo-15f112c, eeo-16f112c, eeo-17f112c, eeo-18f112c eaton transmission right rear only (bottom opening turn page) metric opening pto drive gear data: location: plmf: plv: rpm: (rev. 2 Lengths measured from clutch housing face to companion flange or yoke front bottoming surface. It's been significantly redesigned with vocational jobs in mind, with numerous innovations to increase performance, durability and productivity. Eaton’s Fuller Reman is second only to a new transmission. Additive and friction modifiers must not be introduced. V473608 - Tandem Axle Day Cab Tractor, Cummins ISX engine (450) HP, Eaton Fuller O/D transmission (10 speed), Air brakes, 740301km, 13200 lbs front axle capacity, 40000 lbs rear axle capacity, 3-Way rear lockup, A/C. Install the retaining capscrews and tighten to 35-45 lbs. 2017 International Prostar Daycab. Endurant HD Similar Endurant Transmission: Easy to Maintain. 248-226-6806 (office) 248-245-9138 (cell) Eaton has expanded coverage of the Fuller Advantage series automated overdrive models for use in vocational applications. Regardless of drive gear, both power take-offs operate at 111% of engine speed with a total combined PTO capacity of 160 horsepower or 610 lb. 375 10 Front mainshaft bearing cap (16 x 1. This is Eaton Fuller FS-5306A Transmission parts manual brought to you by Pro Gear and 17 4300121 OIL SEAL 3315623 1 SHAFT 1. Recommended service intervals for oil changes and filter replacement are 15,000 miles of operation for 30-liter models and 13,000 miles for. Eaton® Fuller® Transmissions are designed so that the internal parts operate in an oil circulating bath created by the motion of the gears and shafts. Install the assembled oil pump. Eaton® Approved Synthetic Oil Roadranger® CD-50 Oil Sampling Oil samples should be taken from centre of the transmission with oil at operating temperature using a suitable syringe. Eaton Fuller FS-4005B Transmission Parts Manual This is Eaton Fuller FS-4005B Transmission parts manual brought to you by Pro Gear and 18 4300121 OIL SEAL 3315623 1 SHAFT 1. Which oil is best for your Freightliner Cascadia Cascadia CA113 / CA125 (DD15) GHG 14 Capacity: 10 liter (Model 4, 4x2), Capacity: 13,5 liter (Model 4, 6x4, leading), Capacity: 10 liter Transmission manual 10-speed Eaton-Fuller 10. 375 10 Overdrive linkage (16 x 1. 7 to 1 overall reduction and 14. It made it easy to substitute different oils if needed. Assuming you run in normal temperatures then a good straight 50 engine oil is what you need. Manufacturer: International Model: PROSTAR DAY CAB Horse Power: 450 Suspension: Int'l IROS Stock #: V443310, Tandem Axle Day Cab Tractor, Cummins ISX engine (450) HP, Eaton Fuller transmission (10 speed), Air brakes, 822893km, 12350 lbs front axle capacity, 40000 lbs rear axle capacity, 4-Way …. 6-speed transmissions for high productivity and superior ride comfort. Fuller® Automated Transmissions SPECIFICATIONS CAPACITY WEIGHT* LENGTH** SPEEDS RTO-10910B-AS3 1050 lbs. In the manual, there is a specific section that discusses the vehicle specifications, as well as. Some engines do not use the Eaton engine overspeed protection. • Oil to water heat exchanger standard on all models (Requires 2 pints [. FREIGHTLINER Trucks For Sale. input shaft removal and installation of an Eaton Fuller 10 speed. Note 3 Oil Capacity Pints (Liters) 19. The Fuller Advantage series 10-speed automated manual transmission is available in direct drive and overdrive ratios giving you the choice to spec the correct ratio for your fleet. Watch me disassemble this Eaton fuller fro16210c in under 13 minutes. We stock Eaton, Fuller, Rockwell, Meritor, Spicer (Dana or TTC), Mack, Chelsea PTO and ZF parts. I Type Grade Temperature I Heavy Duty Engine OilSAE 50 or SAE 40 Above + 10oF. In today’s world, internet speed is crucial. Our '01 has the Eaton three pedal. To locate the information you. Shop Equipment 20 Ton Capacity Press To press Countershaft Gears from Countershaft. 10 Lubrication Proper Lubrication The Key to Long Transmission Life Proper lubrication procedures are the key to a good all-around maintenance program. ] Transmission Center of Gravity Location with SAE No. Rear Air Suspension w/ Dump Valve Jost JSK37 Series Air Slide 5th Wheel w/ Dash Mounted …. It is necessary to add a four-ounce bottle of friction modifier for optimum Read more. 5 Pitch, 30° (where available) Model Sales Sht. Please see the Options Chart to determine whether an integral oil pump is present. RECONDITIONED BY NON-OE FULLER RTLOF-16913A TA-F05-088554 S/N: S1034976 4308226 GASKET 4308451 BRG 14311 GASKET 23566 SHAFT 16980 SNAP RING 4302676 GASKET K2918 SEAL KIT K4122 NUT KIT INSTALLED CRAIG 10/10/22. I have a 1998 fld 120 with a eaton fuller 10 speed, how do I check the fluid level on the trans? Have seen some people checking engine oil with the truck on a. Pump standard on 1450, 1650 and 1850 series. Eaton Fuller Transmission Lubrication Levels & Maintenance Guide. FR-9210B FR/FRO-11210B FR/FRO-12210B FR/FRO-13210B • Improved tolerance to driver abuse with larger diameter mainshaft and new mainshaft washer design. 0 out of 5 stars based on 12 product ratings (12) $18. Professional Shifting - 5 & 6-Speed. 8 L 450 HP Eaton Fuller 10 spd Meritor RT-46-160 …. This is Eaton Fuller FRO-15210C Transmission parts manual brought to you by Pro Gear and INTEGRAL OIL COOLER 23 K-3455 SPEED SENSOR KIT, DUAL A - 7046 ,A - 7518 1 DUAL PICK-UP (4 PIN) 24 4304653 SHIELD 1 S-2809 25 14142 -O- RING 1 26 S. Which oil is best for your Eaton Fuller Heavy-Duty transmissions 10 speed RT-910? Complete professional advice, including motor oil, gearbox oil (transaxle) and lubricants for the power steering system, brake system and cooling system. Changing the oil in a Eaton/Fuller 8LL transmission. We quickly figured out the reason the truck wasn't starting was it was in gear and. Eaton® Transmissions Fuller® Transmissions Model Serial Assembled In Eaton Corporation Kalamazoo, MI USA F Fuller Advantage Series M - 14/15 = Torque rating X 100 + 50 lb-ft Multi-torque Eaton Cummins Ratio Set ( mall tep) Number of Speeds 148 10S-EC3 Ge n 3 Automatio Design Level Mechicanical & Electronic Eaton Cummins Strategic Alliance. Known for its reliability, the Eaton FR Series is one of the most popular transmissions on the road. Which oil is best for your Eaton Fuller Medium-Duty transmissions FSO-6406A? Complete professional advice, including motor oil, gearbox oil (transaxle) and lubricants for the power steering system, brake system and cooling system. Cummins M11 motor, Eaton Fuller 10 speed transmission, good truck. Call 877-776-4600 to speak with an Eaton . Reduce fuel consumption and extend gear life with Eaton FE 75W-90 synthetic gear lubricant, an API GL-5 extreme pressure lubricant for heavy, mid and light-duty applications. I have a 1984 freightliner coe with a cummins 400 bcIII and eaton 13 speedit slips out of 7 and 8 high after about a half mile of being put into Home. Raloy Transintex Plus SAE 40 X. Mack’s early slogan introducing modern truck staples like advanced air cleaners and oil filters. Pints RT-11610 10 996 763 590 4. 68 K-7052 55 K-3454 SPEED SENSOR KIT A - 6398 ,A - 6724 1 SINGLE PICK-UP (2 PIN) 56 K-3455 SPEED SENSOR KIT,. An omission of any gasket can result in oil leakage or misalignment of bearing covers. If the splitter control button is not moved, the transmission will. Adjust air pressure level to recommended level. Changing cooler lines Eaton 13speed Discussion in 'Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ]' started by Hanadarko, Oct 29, 2011. 2 liters) 10-Speed 26 pints (12. Not 15W-40! 80W-90 gear oil that is straight mineral (GL-1, not GL-5) …. Looks like the bottom of the two service manuals there are the 5 speed models. The one-piece cast iron PTO housing bolts directly to the 8-Bolt transmission opening but gives. Eaton® Lubricant Suppliers TCMT0020 EN. what weight gear oil for eaton fuller trans Discussion in 'Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ]' started by earthmover, Jan 14, 2013. Thus, all parts will be amply lubricated if these procedures are closely followed: 1. 2014 International Prostar Daycab. This 10-speed manual transmission can handle both on-highway and vocational applications. "Some people are educated beyond their intelligence. Eaton Expands Fuller Advantage® Series Automated 10. DVFarms - 2/23/2014 09:21 Bought a new to me truck it has been sitting awhile and I want to do a total fluid change before putting it on the road. The RTLO-10E13A has an oil capacity of 10 quarts, the RTLO-11E13A has an oil capacity of 11 quarts, and the RTLO-12E13A has an oil capacity of 12 quarts. The engine and transmission share critical data, determining the torque required to deliver the power …. Oil capacity of an Eaton Fuller 10 speed">Viewing a thread. If oil filter fitted, the filter should be changed at every oil change interval or if visually damaged/rusted. Eaton Fuller 10 Speed Transmission Inner Oil Cooler FRO17210C-IC Overdrive. 2-Speed (Dual Range) Gearing See Spicer Driver Instruction AXDR-0134. Also can use gear oil meeting API MT-1 …. 540231) fits popular Eaton® Fuller® RoadRanger® transmissions used on nearly all Class 7 and 8 heavy-duty trucks. This is a long lasting fluid that is far superior to conventional synthetic fluids and contains nothing that could be harmful. Transmissions ® ® Eaton Fuller. With this book you will have the ability to order and/or stock a Reman, New, or New Ex-change Unit to meet customer requirements. Eaton Fuller Transmission Lubrication Levels. MIL-L-2104C, or MIL-L-46152,(-12. Eaton Clutches (limited) Eaton Fuller Transmissions; To view parts for the above, select a model and group from the left drop-down menus. Farmboy99 is correct! Put the 50 weight synthetic in. FREIGHTLINER CASCADIA 125 Trucks For Sale. The Valvoline Company Syn Gard™ Transmission Fluid E386 X Total Mexico S. Call for all your transmission needs. Oil Cooler Not Available – Interference with cooler 8 Bolt, 47 Tooth, 6/8 Pitch Gear 32 Tooth, 0. The Eaton Fuller 8LL 10-speed manual heavy-duty transmission offers versatility for on and off-road applications. You will learn how to perform in-vehicle service procedures and transmission overhaul, as well as how to identify parts and specifications. When adding oil, types and brands of oil should not be mixed because of possible incompatibility. Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies. 15 kg] to models with an internal oil pump. 60 13 x-1-1012 hex nut x-1-1005 6. For upshifts - allow engine RPM to decrease to match road speed. The fill plug on the tranny says 50w …. model: External Oil to Water Cooler:. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Improper Oil Level Proper Oil. Eaton’s mission is to improve the …. Fuller® 11-Speed Transmissions Oil Capacity: • Approx. What kind of oil do I need to get. Line Inspection – All Eaton Top 2 transmission systems installed at OEM plants must pass the requirements outlined in …. 73 Ratio Super 40 Specs as follows: -62"H compartments throughout -Summit 10629 hydraulic crane (10,000lb capacity, 29ft reach) -2 fully 353000 KM Mercedes Benz OM460LA 12. It has an eaton fuller 10 speed and rockwell rear ends. following Fuller transmissions: 1. 18 Ram 2500 4x4 Big C and a 6 speed. Transmission manual 10-speed Eaton-Fuller Advantage 10/2. 16 4300888 FRONT BRG COVER-PULL 1 USE 4300121 OR 4300204 OIL SEAL 16 4302356 FRONT BRG COVER-PULL 1 USE 4300121 OR 4300204 OIL SEAL 17 4300121 OIL SEAL 3315623 1 SHAFT 1. pdf), Text File Capscrews To prevent oil leakage and loosening, use Eaton Fuller Sealant #71205 on all capscrews. 50W is for Eaton Fuller transmissions. Postbus 149 7600 AC Almelo Dollegoorweg 15 7602 EC Almelo Telefoon 0546-818165 Verkoop 0546-816184 Telefax 0546-817367. Includes transmission ratios, weights, length & PTO speed. Eaton Fuller ® Heavy-Duty All 10-Speed except 1X210 Models 1X210 Models DO NOT REMOVE OR DESTROY THE TRANSMISSION IDENTIFICATION TAG. We carry International truck parts, Ford parts, Western Star products, Freightliner truck parts and accessories, Kenworth parts and accessories and Peterbilt truck parts and accessories, including hard to find replacement parts for your transmission, differential, …. Eaton 10 speed oil capacity. Eaton Commercial Truck Transmission & Drivetrain Components. Three overdrive gears in the 10-speed enable lower-rpm highway, allowing your resto-mod or …. Used International Cab Chassis trucks for sale — Page 11. Browse Eaton-Fuller FRO16210C Transmissions For Sale near you on MyLittleSalesman. Eaton Fuller Transmission Fluid Level Inspection; Checking At The. BOOM DETAILS NEW PM 65026S KNUCKLE BOOM Folding Hydraulic 6 Extension Knuckle Boom Main Boom Capacity: Eaton Fuller 13 speed, double frame, heavy specs, diff locks. Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport. 47 of the game, includes convoy sounds (available from version 1. Lock Other Design Variations Axle Series D340, 380(P),400-P D341, 381(P), 401-P, 402(P), 403(P), 451-P Output Shaft Splines 16 16 Side Gear End 16 16 Output End 10 34 Input Shaft Splines Input End 15 44 Diff End 36 36 Helical Gears 7 pitch 5 pitch Drive Pinion Splines Forward Axle 10 41. 375 18 4300798 OIL SEAL 235393 1 SHAFT 1. Eaton Cummins Joint Venture models, including Procision, Endurant HD, and Endurant XD, are not available on Inforanger. Unbeatable versatility with 19. 10 speed manual Eaton 10 speed regular eaton fuller transmission , and yesterday i was driving and after i stop at stop sign high gear wont engage , i think the piston is working, i can hear it but … read more. The AT-1202 model is a two-speed, non-synchronized, twin counter-shaft auxiliary transmission designed primarily for use with heavy-duty transmissions. Which oil should you use for your Eaton Fuller Heavy-Duty transmissions 10 speed FROF-15210C? Complete advice for all components, such as the engine, gearbox (transaxle), …. Oil Pump and Lube Tube Installation. KENWORTH T370 Trucks For Sale. Eaton Fuller 10 Speed Transmission Grinding. At the correct engine RPM, depress the clutch pedal slightly and at. The difference in the synthetic to the regular oil is the cold (under 70°) shifts. The new input shaft PTO drive system enables improved mobile PTO operations and increased capacity. Available in direct-drive and overdrive models, it’s lighter, more efficient and has better ratio coverage than FR Series manuals. Eaton Fuller Transmissions PTO Codes Eaton Corporation Transmission Div Kalamazoo, MI 49003 Made in 100 = Nominal Torque Capacity. We Offer International Shipping Anywhere In the World! Contact us today to inquire 877-776-4600!. FS-4005B Eaton Fuller Transmission FS-4005B Eaton Fuller Transmission is currently available in our stock. Vehicle control is vital in a vocational application, so Fuller Advantage automated overdrive models can be configured with optional Urge to Move, …. 4700 5700 4900 6900 MAINTENANCE MANUAL Models. Eaton Fuller 10 Speed Transmission. Mack Granite series (CV/GU) CV713 - 300 (Granite) ASET (2002-2005) Engine AI-300A ASET Capacity: 38 litre (with 34,0 liter oil pan), Capacity: 52 litre (with 48,0 liter oil pan), Filter capacity: 3,8 litre. Transmission Oil Capacities Transmission Oil Capacities Note: These values are approximate—always use the fill hole as the final reference. com, a global distributor of electronics components. 15; I can honestly say I don't think its Real Eaton Fuller mod, because I've had this issue before when using Default SCS transmission and I got stuck on off ram (Going up onto the …. EATON TRANSMISSION DIVISION Technical Service Department PO. , Cummins 450HP ISX15 Engine, Eaton Fuller 10 Speed, A/C, Cruise, Engine Brake, Differential $230,000 USD. 42 Rear Axle Ratio, Airliner 40,000-lb. 2004 Peterbilt 379 For Sale 108 Used Trucks From $20,000. Traction Control: Get better handling in loose soil, snow or slippery conditions with your 12 speed automated transmission. 10 Speed Lightning Transmission Ratios; 10 Speed Transmission Ratios; 13 Speed Eaton Fuller Transmission. Title: Eaton 80W-140 synthetic gear lubricant Subject: Synthetic Gear Lubricants are API GL-5 extreme pressure lubricants designed to promote longer gear life and better operating economy thus improving fuel economy in heavy, mid and light-duty applications. Eaton Fuller 10 speed transmissions with new, used and reman Fuller transmissions in stock. 2] Recommended Oil: Eaton PS-386 Integral Oil Pump: Required option External Oil to Water Cooler: Available option External Oil Filter: Available option PTO Capability: 6-bolt: Yes 4 8-bolt: Yes Thru-shaft: No PTO Speed % of Engine: 79 Combined PTO Torque lb. 1 clutch housing with standard controls, less clutch release parts – 698 lbs. Example: Eaton Fuller 9-Speed Manual Transmission Example: Eaton Fuller 6-Speed Manual Transmission. In today’s digital age, where documents are often shared and stored electronically, the size of files can have a significant impact on storage capacity and overall speed. Eaton Warranty Guide TCWY0900 EN. 18-Speed (RTLO-xx918x-AS2) The service procedures in this manual ar e for transmission automation components only. You have a good selection of oil. Recommended Lubricant Type Grade (SAE) Temperature Roadranger CD50 Transmission Fluid 50 ALL Transmission Capacity 9-Speed 28 pints (13. International equipment & more. For me, I just use Delo 400 straight 50. 13 Speed Tranny Pops Out Of Gear. full-58 rs4s-p81z2-p1cx 1, 2 opp 137601k7150000 199k1093000 elec/air 44284. , standard eight- and six-bolt Power . This auxiliary transmission contains two sets of gears, thus giving. Which oil is best for your Eaton Fuller Heavy-Duty transmissions 10 speed FRF-14210B? Complete professional advice, including motor oil, gearbox oil (transaxle) and lubricants for the power steering system, brake system and cooling system. Length To Input RPM CHART NOTE: 1. This unit had multiple rows of broken teeth in the front box section of the transmissio. PTO engagement requests are controlled by the transmission to prevent system damage. Farm Trucks / Grain Trucks For Sale in ILLINOIS. When the 8-Bolt PTO opening is needed for PTO usage, this 30° adapter allows the movement of the high capacity inertia brake from the 8-Bolt opening to the 6-Bolt opening and rotates the high capacity inertia brake to eliminate interference problems. Eaton® Fuller® Transmission Oil Capacities Twin Countershaft Models Pints Liters 5 SPEEDS 905 22 10 11605 22 10 6 SPEEDS 955AL 25 12 906 26 12 1056AA 29 14 11606 26 12 7 SPEEDS 955ALL 28 13 8607 36 17. Input R PM Lbs Pints Model Speeds 1 St 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Reverse Left Right (Kg. Endurant Service Procedure - Oil Fill. 10 speed eaton fuller transmission oil type">2013 10 speed eaton fuller transmission oil type. High Capacity Inertia Brake Relocation - Ultrashift Transmissions. They are functional for versions 1. 13 speed model Eaton Fuller Roadranger transmissions provide thirteen forward speeds and two reverse. Use only recommended lubricate. 6 Shift Lever Positions Above 10°F Below 10°F Mineral Gear Oil with rust and oxidation inhibitor API-GL-1 90 80W Above 10°F Below 10°F Grade. The other day the driver said the service light came on on the console shifter after a short trip. GENUINE FULLER REMAN TRANSMISSIONS AVAILABLE ASK US ABOUT OUR GREAT PRICING. How much do you know about engines? The average person only knows how to carry out basic maintenance, like changing the oil and topping up the radiator. Thus, all parts are amply lubricated if these procedures are closely followed: 1. PDF Fuller Heavy Duty Transmissions TRSM0600. V291939 - Tandem Axle Flat Deck, International A26 engine (450) HP, Eaton Fuller Ultra Shift transmission (10 speed), Air brakes, 670262km, 14000 lbs front axle capacity, 40000 lbs rear axle capacity, Diff Lock rear lockup, A/C. Because you can reach oil with your finger does not mean oil is at proper level,One inch of oil level is about one gallon of oil. What Is the Oil Capacity for a Cummins Engine?. The Eaton Fuller 13 Speed Transmission has an oil capacity of approximately 38 quarts. This Eaton® Fuller® Roadranger transmissi on model contains ten forward speeds and two reverse speeds. Eaton® Truck Components FS(O)-6406A Eaton and Dana have formed a global partnership to provide complete drivetrain solutions for the world’s trucking industry. If you need to service or repair your Eaton Fuller HD FR/FRO transmissions, you can download this service manual that provides detailed instructions and diagrams. Eaton synth 50W for any temp, Engine oil meeting MIL-L-2104D, API CD, or Cat TO-4 50W or 40W above 10*F, same but 30W below 10*F. The efficient design uses a Precision Lubrication System that requires much less lubricant than competitive AMTs and eliminates the need for a transmission cooler.