Naruto Becomes Daimyo Of Whirlpool Fanfiction Naruto Becomes Daimyo Of Whirlpool Fanfictionfanfiction, Crop circles youtube videos, Costume de dansatoare din buric . Naruto of the Whirlpool: Rewrite By: Wacko12. Ripples of the Whirlpool Chapter 1: New Beginnings, a naruto fanfic. It had been over four years since Sasuke's attempted defection to Orochimaru, and his subsequent return. Naruto was now fourteen and a full-fledged shinobi of the New Whirlpool village. I would not recommend this boy for promotion quite yet. The Uzumaki acted as both Daimyo and Kage and created an alliance with the Senju. The Guardian of the Tailed Beasts: My first fanfic and a response to nightwind83's "Bijus' Hope challenge". She smiled and wriggled further into bed. Naruto Emperor's Dawn Chapter 1: Creation of an. Naruto has chosen to enter a world he is not prepared for the world of feudalism and politics will he survive or will he be consumed by …. The next day the citizens of the land of fire would bring complaints to the court. You are also my mate but I do need a male one. Kakashi and Asuma, who had recovered sighed in relief. The word was meaningless to him, after all Home wasn't just a place, it was the people that cared for you and made your life warmer by being there for you. Follow Naruto in his new adventures. Naruto must be adopte by daimyo. The blonde demon widened his smile and thanked the still blushing secretary before knocking on the office door. He groaned as he sat up in his futon. A few years before the Leaf Village was founded it had changed from a safe haven from the Clan Wars to the homeland of the Hidden Village of the Whirlpools. FanFiction">Royalty is in the Blood Chapter 1: An Unexpected. Your mother loved you with all her heart. The samurai looks the leader of the shinobi team before talking to him. Chosen of the Path By: Dark Hearted Dragon's Master. Naruto the REAL Fifth Hokage Chapter 1: A Strong Leader. The tour was a routine check by the Daimyo to see the progress of the Leaf, how it had grown since Kyuubi's sudden attack seven years ago, and the. Kimimaro would be the close-range fighter by using powerful Taijutsu and Kenjutsu. Temari asked, oblivious to the whole affair. Those two had much to thank Naruto for, for saving their little brother from himself, and now they could never repay him. Chapter Five – The Silent Children. Tsunade decided to clear up her obliviousness. The leaf ninja who had now entered the gate turned around to see Naruto and his ninja slowly pressing ahead. When the doctor washed the prince, rinsing water through his …. AN: One guy pointed out that the Kyuubi has unlimited chakra. The Daimyo of Wave By: Saint Agustine. Kakashi had observed that Naruto had become steadily distancing himself from the team since some time now. RROM: Before Young Overlord behind me goes berserk Naruto do the disclaimer! Naruto: Red Reaper Of Murder doesnt own Naruto, Overlord or any of the animes or games featured! now get the hell off of me! KaedeSenju: Hahahaha this is entertaining! PhazonLordKaito: Hehe what a interesting way to start Red ^^ Naruto: Kaede …. Chapter 6 Wave Begins Another Reuinion 7. What we mean is that the hero that your people have been hailing as their hero is now dead. Naruto raised an eyebrow at this since the summoned animal looked like it came out of a comic book. The Daimyo is a ruler of one of the Five Great Nations, like a king, and this tradition has been carried down for generations. And since then, a new village as come back from destruction. She is the only child of Sōsetsu Kazahana, the former daimyō of the Land of Snow. His arms were thrown out and he laughed as the villagers threw him into the air, only to catch him, again and again. With that settled, Naruto set about trying to get up the stairs. Seven years later, he reappears as the Emperor of the West. While the shinobi of the village had drawn the line at matters of national defense and foreign policy, they'd left things like commerce and labor to the. The Reluctant Rokudaime By: Count Sagula. Meanwhile, Danzou had left with one thought. At the roof stood the two Hokages, the fire daimyo, Jiraiya and Tsunade the two Sannin and in the back Shizune with Naruto in her arms. When she gets revenge, Hana is sent back in time. Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke were born. Sarutobi stood up and growled "Be quiet Danzo. " he stated shocking everyone including Naruto. Naruto's injured body floated down the river, the young boy barely alive after getting blind-sided by an energy sphere thrown by his own sensei, and was fortunate to get his jacket caught by a floating tree trunk that brought him to the shore of New Whirlpool. Once Haku's unwilling master, then student, friend, and finally brother-by-choice, Naruto Uzumaki had grown into a man who had accomplished miracles. Naruto is a teenager boy crushing on his math teacher, Mikoto Uchiha. Naruto spotted his friend and his two siblings behind the table, talking to each other. However, I really, really enjoyed it. "Oh, and I thought you would get a kick out of this," Rumiko continued. I got into fanfic with Ryuugi's The Games We Play and searching for fics with a similar premise I eventually landed on this fandom. In the midst of their escape, they fall through some kind of inter dimensional portal that takes them to some kind of a 'perfect world'. The man lunged down and grabbed Naruto's leg, before pulling the boy to the air. Still, he'll do his duty, at least until he can pawn. Turning to Naruto he raises an eye to see a shinobi still in a hospital gown but also covered in bandages. Naruto becomes daimyo of whirlpool fanfiction. Yonex Ezone 100 300g Osaka Limited Edition Tennis Racquet, 3d Bubble Letters Generator, Secluded Homes For Sale In Central Virginia, Naruto Becomes Daimyo Of Whirlpool Fanfiction, Tcpdump Command In Windows 10, Ritz-carlton Reserves, Rare Characters In Akinator, Cole Hardware Locations, , 3d Bubble Letters Generator, …. Naruto grinned, ready for the upcoming attack. Naruto: Emperor of the Western Elemental Empire Chapter 1. " The Hokage plucked off his hat and dropped it on his desk with a sigh. Four years ago in the land of fire, a great peril befell a large ninja village, for reasons unknown. Hiashi glared at the man before answering. Now she will fix what has happened, she has Chosen her path, and she will not stop until her future husband has the respect that he deserves. By any chance, is that on FFN aswell?. He no longer was the idiot he once was. Bodyguard of Azula is a crossover fic between the worlds of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Naruto. Naruto Shippuden: Coming of the Keyblade Emperor. He blinked his eyes open and shook the blurriness from his aching head. Snafu the Great is a fanfiction author that has written 75 stories for Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive, Love Hina, Ranma, Evangelion, Naruto, Tekken, Game of Thrones, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Fallout, …. His dream was crushed and his heart was broken. Chapter 3: Aftermath of the Attack. In an attempt to save a devastated future, Naruto Uzumaki travels back in time, determined to change the fate of the world. First of all the people from the village hidden in the Sand had sent a diplomatic envoy asking why Naruto was. Naruto moved Hinata away from him so he could speak. The process was a long one, but soon everything was over and the future King was born. Naruto is banished from Konoha by Tsunade in an attempt to secretly hand him over to Jiraiya for 3 years of training while winning some political ground to deal with the council. Aiko was holding the sword, protecting Naruto from harm. For a few moments the room is silent aside from Kushina's muffled sobs and Minato's humming. Naruto eyes opened to see a ceiling. Naruto gets banished from Konoha after his failure to return Sasuke after the Battle of the Valley of the End but an even greater destiny awaits him. Taking a deep breath, Sansa knocked. Snafu's Disclaimer: Kishimoto owns Naruto. Hello everyone and welcome to the next chapter of Daimyo of wave and would like to thank the 1rst auther Mugan Von Hellscream who in the kindness of his heart has aloud me to take over and finish this story as i beleive its a good idea that need to be explored. The Third Hokage was one of the few people Naruto would miss going to New Whirlpool. She rubbed her eyes with her tiny hands trying to fully wake herself. Konoha seeks to make contact with it, but how. Whirlpool's masks and sealing techniques. Naruto's forces soon began to overwhelm their defences one position at a time, before going to the final thrust to victory, claiming many of the coalition leaders lives in the process. They said, "Naruto-kun, you're back!" Naruto laughed and nodded. Years later Naruto unlocks the Mokuton bloodline of the First Hokage. His wife Kushina had just informed him of a great surprise, and welcomed news, she. Now, with Akatsuki long gone, and Konoha led by the returned Forth Hokage, there is a great new power, rising from across the western ocean, an Empire of West. Gaara has become our representative in the demon ruled lands in the West and has recently married a half demon named Akahina. Due to the Kyuubi's healing, his wounds closed quickly and he felt really good. Look at my polls and challenges on my Profile! o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o. The seven ninja stop at the guard's desk. Naruto: Whirlpool Chronicles Chapter 1: The Path. "Who are you and what do you want," asked one of the guards. Naruto: Consequences Chapter 1: History of Whirlpool, a ">Naruto: Consequences Chapter 1: History of Whirlpool, a. A faint 'Come in' was heard from the other side, he turned the knob and slowly opens the door. " He read from it and once he was done Sasuke eyes were wide open and Hinata was shocked. Naruto: Heir of Whirlpool Chapter 6, a naruto fanfic. On the way Naruto looked out of the carriage and saw the open plains of metal. The fight was brutal and tireless, how can a person fight an enemy that was tireless and knew not the meaning of defeat. " Came a voice from down the hall. "Damn this paper work," Naruto swore. He usually hunted animals whenever he saw them, because he ran out of food quite a while ago. Soon, Konan was rescued, and only two enemy shinobi remained. Naruto stared up at her, his tiny lips pursed into a little confused pout, before suddenly lifting his arms up at her. In a burst of chakra Daku stepped into Asuma's guard and kicked him far back, and punched Kakashi's chest when he erupted out of the water. So far only twenty of them, including herself, were still standing and able to fight. Hell no there is no way to learn. Samui decides to do a little pay back to Naruto by once again sucking onto his cock but this time taking all of it into her mouth, And so begins a trial of engras between the two blondes of brother and sister. Iruka is assigned a girl he hoped to never be in the same room with. Since the battle with Pein the Akatsuki had gone underground but rumbles echoed they would return. Who has more secrets in his life, begins his adventure to unravel them fully and surpass those in his family, village, and the world as a whole and with the help of a certain fox and his clan behind him. With his new powers, Naruto successfully defeats and seals away Kaguya, but simultaneously gets caught in her teleportation jutsu and. What will they do when they find out they were lied to about the death of Kushina's child? The heir of whirlpool has been found. A good, strong man, Namikaze Minato was an idol to some, and a dangerous enemy to many. Guided by a legendary Sannin, Haruki hones his abilities, leaving a trail of lives healed in his …. During all this Naruto went with the Fire Daimyo whenever he went to a chunin exam. Kabuto was with them, although he seemed nervous. She will show everyone who she is, even if she must get married. And he wanted her to do it again…". Hinata becomes enamored with a blond girl who is hated by the village. How will the world react to a Naruto who grew up with Love and wields the power of the. What changes will this cause in him. The point of his boot slammed into the teens chin and sent him flying up into the sky. Whirlpool Empire By: fanwriter10101. In this one, that was not the case. Ying Yang Fox: The Fire Daimyo's Harbinger Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic. After this their lands were easy to take. naruto irene belserion fanfiction lemon; hood canal homes for sale by owner; who is stronger asta or yuno 2021; a picture is a poem without words examples; binance unable to process payment; truss bridge examples; philosophy papers examples; geranium with red and green leaves; how to permanently block a number at&t; pawn quotes dragons dogma. "Interesting summon you have there, Danzo. One other thing, this is going to still be a Naruto or Naruko story (still deciding which, and it's confirmed gods can have children with those of the same sex, Apollo has a demigod daughter with a mortal man), but for now we'll be seeing Kushina and Aphrodite as their relationship develops, leading up to Naruto or Naruko being born. -----They had moved their discussion to Sarutobi's home. " Koharu said as she spoke to the Fire Daimyo. In fact, he was looking forward to stopping here all week. Is Naruto the son of those two?" The daimyo asked as Tsunade's eyes widen and nodded. Taking a deep breath Kushina wipes her tears away before murmuring for Minato to let her go. Daimyo Court : r/NarutoFanfiction. Men would eagerly line up to join the samurai army while others would strive to become ninjas to better serve their nation and village. I feel like I suggest this fic a lot these days. He only wanted to prove he could be part of their world. The civilian members and clan heads were sat on cushions in front of her. Renjiro grinned, then whispered to himself: "You will become a legend, Naruto Uzumaki. Take one dead, thirty year old career soldier, stick in the body of a child during the Second Great Shinobi War. "My lord, we can't decide on a plan for the village when we have no leader. Remember, it's the Spiral of Focus that made us great, and will keep you alive. She hoped that Naruto was up at the moment. It lands on the startled boar and both animals wrestle on the ground. Somewhere in Konoha, one of the great give villages, a couple of best friends are walking as their having lunch together at the home of a straightforward mother, Kushina Uzumaki, who has red hair with a body that many women, teenage or older would kill to have and men would drop at the sight of her. Through their eyes and their shaded grief, he could see how much joy it brought them to convict an innocent child of such a heinous crime. As an actress, she is known under the stage name Yukie Fujikaze (富士風雪絵, Fujikaze Yukie). Our story takes us not far from the end of the third shinobi world war, Minato Namikaze had just been named the fourth Hokage, the fourth leader of his village, the village hidden in the leaves. Daughter of Fire By: justjstuff. The overall sphere in the village hidden in the leafs was festive but the Hokage and members of the shinobi council were far from pleased. Captain of the Guard Redux By: Loki478. It is certainly an interesting fic. To Go Back In Time (Naruto Centric). Due to the rest of the royal family dying during the fall of Uzushio and the Third Great Shinobi World War, Naruto was the closest relative Arashi had and was next in line to be Whirlpool. While I'm glad the mission was completed and the client was happy, I find the news of an attack targeted at Naruto very disturbing. The Daimyo of Wave Chapter 6: Where There is Smoke, a naruto fanfic. Founders' Legacy Chapter 3, a naruto fanfic. " Kushina groans, "Father, mother, I'm sorry your grandson is such a weirdo. "Stop complaining Naruto-kun" Hinata said, "You would have been finished half an hour ago if you would stop complaining. Shisui regained himself and this time charged at the blonde. Naruto struggled to remain standing as he walked through the forests of Uzu no Kuni. That the boy should stay in the Leaf and be "reeducated" so the Kyuubi Jinchuriki could become a proper Shinobi instead of this abomination the Fire Daimyo had created. "Hello, fellow shinobi and councilmembers. "Naruto there is a group of people on the road who are under attack some of them are Leaf Nins. He was named due to his skill, and almost unbelievable charisma. Naruto is raised by Miya, who along with the first five, was taught by his parents; and Kurama, the Kyuubi no Kitsune, turned him into a kitsune hanyou. A daimyō (大名, English TV: Feudal Lord, literally meaning: Great Name) is the political leader of a country. Naruto was in the air ineffective and still glared at him. It would serve from that moment on as a reminder of her determination. Immediately behind Zenki, the Legendary Swordsman swiped his sword at neck once again. As the Yondaime Hokage, Minato had served Konohagakure no Sato faithfully for five years. Naruto has only had one failed mission in the 32 taken so far, when given a new recruit, who turned out to be a root agent assigned to kill Naruto. Victory goes to the one who calculates the farthest down the winding little lane. There is a solid political backbone to this fic. It's been over two and a half years since Naruto left the village. Rise of the Whirlpool By: SennenGoroshi. The entire village is all a buzz, excited to see the matchups today. what if…and if you did, please subscribe and like the video! See you in the next video #anime #naruto #madara #whatif #kakashi #hashirama #sasuke #crossover #fanfiction #sakura #hinata #uzumaki. "Hinata-chan, Shizune-nii, what I am about to tell you two is an S-Class secret that only the Hokage knows of. What will they do when they find out they were lied to about the …. I got into politics that to a daimyo. As he walked the streets, he noticed his friends sitting in Yakiniku Q. Naruto looked up at Tsunade and nodded, immediately she activated a silencing seal on the apartment. Please add new Jossed entries to the bottom of the page. The Daimyo of Snow should have been more than happy to be married to the Uchiha and have the. Naruto let go of his attacker's hand and raised his hand. Naruto looked over at Aiko who was calmly drinking the broth of his ramen. Love your Enemy - linkffn (11490519) - A really good story that I enjoy a lot. Stronger Naruto (but realistic progression). With his flock by his side, he just may be, as the Kitsune Ashikabi!. As she did this she quickly noticed the subtle swaying of the room, the distinct sound of wood creaking, and the smell of the salty air. While the newest generation is growing up, the agreement between a shady man and a royal prince will contribute towards the start of a revolution. Whatever Naruto had become was something that the Sandaime considered a combination of things that should not be put together and intended to fix that so the boy was the …. Today was a special day for the Leaf. She had just said 'You favor a no good traitor, that almost killed your daughter, over a boy who has won us favor and alliances through blood, sweat, and tears. Naruto is banished from the village after successfully retrieving Sasuke, after which he founds secrets hidden from him his whole life. Below it was the Daimyo's signature, and Naruto breathed out, and he fell on …. The power Naruto held was beyond what they could imagine. Naruto was the Daimyo she was suppose to marry. "In our investigation of the hidden energies that define the great clans, it becomes . Naruto, Hinata, and Karin are working to fix up the ruins of the old Uzumaki clan sector. The leopard sees its chance and leaps into the air with its front claws stretched out. Kushina had been the second cousin of the last Whirlpool daimyo. Naruto after the battle of the valley of the end ends up falling into the river being swept out to see and is found by the United Whirlpool Empire how will this change things Naruto/Harem bleach and other anime elements. What If Naruto Marries Fire Daimyo's Daughter | Movie creator of the story by: dracohalo117 link: thanks for the listening:) I hope you like this. Chapter 9 The Forest of Death 10. As it has had no updates since 2012, this is a Dead Fic. Sasuke and Sakura Bashing, Sorry to those who like them and nothing against them personally. Put some effort to not complete change the cannon world by putting in Greek mythology and expect it all to just catch on! Anyway, as you can see, Naruto MIGHT be in a relationship with Hera, Persephone, and Amphitrite, the Big Three's wives. All these numbers congealed to form a path and the world marched down it steadily. You managed to hit one of the targets. "Naruto may have had prior training in the ways of politics. The boar starts to get drowsy and starts to lie down. Naruto Fanfiction; Naruto Ideas; Naruto Whirlpool. It was starting out as a great day for one Uzumaki Naruto; he was finally getting closer to his dream to become the hokage or fire shadow of Konoha. He returning to looking at the ceiling. Daimyo, but if he got Tazuna then . Instead of the glorious Whirlpool Nation it will be the Empire with Naruto and the rest FW10101's OCs and Original characters of RA3. So did your father, I still remember him fumbling around trying to put that damn crib together. The Whirlpool Daimyo and his remaining warriors save many people as he could. *Yaks = Yakuza **Naruto is referring to the stuffed toy wolf Kanna gave him as a present that he …. When he does he shifts his goal from being Hokage to making the whirlpool into a village that outshines all of the elemental nations Rating may change. Speed, stealth and precision are the archer's best weapons. Naruto yelled, but as he got up, he heard a stomping through the woods before being knocked away by an older girl. What the tag H2 is (and H3, H4…) and how to use it. Unable to breathe, the leader stopped his jutsu as he tried to regain air. Naruto was examining the scrolls the dragon had left for him. A new age was dawning on the village, the age of the Rokudaime Hokage Naruto Uzumaki. Today was March 5, the day that this year's class would finally end their time in the academy and become full fledge ninja of the village. "Thank you, but I can't," Naruto said and the Daimyo arched an eyebrow while Naruto offered a chuckle and rubbed the back of his head. For he is the last of two shinobi clans that he falls under the CRA. naruto ">Little things Chapter 13: So our little errors, a naruto. The Daimyo was greatly angered by the fact Konoha had banished a Shinobi for successfully completing a mission. It would be bad if Naruto learned all of Uzumaki's and Namikaze's techniques. Unfortunately, it was also likely to result in other Daimyo wanting to buy telephone systems for their own nations. With 15 minutes had passed, and the room is full of one sound at this moment and that is. So as this happened, Kamado came in and saw this with a small smile and a thought present on his mind. (Real world) A red glow started to cover Naruto's body as Kurumi took control. She's dropped into the lap of an extremely unsuspecting Uzushiogakure, who are months away from their devastating last battle. "Well the fire daimyo has good tastes. Rewrite of my first FanFic! Naruto is an intelligent and pretty child, when a chance encounter reveals many secrets it unknowingly causes a ripple effect that unleashes a storm that will shake Konoha and the Shinobi World! Feminine!Naruto!. "I've got to get back to warn the Tsuchikage and the daimyo that whirlpool country had hired some unknown ninja village. Time flew by for Naruto as he lived happily in the land of whirlpool. As the family headed towards the gates of Konoha, they were blocked by someone. An orphaned Whirlpool noble under Konoha's thumb. The city of Aydindril celebrated through the night of the Uzumaki's return to Whirlpool, Naruto was treated to his first royal feast where he was introduced to several important political leaders. I put my entire imagination in trying to recreate a perfect and dramatic chapter for Naruto. "She explained the theory part, but said I was to learn it when I become a genin. People! NARUTO is Japanese centric, with a side of Buddhism (check Rinnegan). Samurai Shinobi Chapter 1: PAAI, a naruto fanfic. "It's a mistake that may have cost us the war before it's even begun. On his back was a backpack was full, half with basic necessities and the other filled with instant ramen. Unfortunately, he must face the wrath of both his old home and the might of the Akatsuki, while still trying to find the path to peace. Fanfiction naruto is a god that has existed since before the time of kaguya otsutsuki and the tailed beasts. The Orange Daimyo of Uzushiogakure by NostalgicWithLove reviews. The more your heart burns, the colder your mind must become! The two must swirl together like a whirlpool to allow you to concentrate on what's important! That provides strength when you need it. Now he only has one mission: to fulfil Jiraiya's only request. Maito Gai had come before the man, begging the Emperor to reconsider, and was silenced by Naruto's rage filled voice …. The Uzumaki Tales: Return of the Whirlpool Chapter 1. This student was Uzumaki Naruto. "And that is the end of our report Hokage-sama," said Shigure. The Orange Daimyo of Uzushiogakure By: NostalgicWithLove. Already in the room were the three elders who advised Sarutobi personally, his teammates Homura and Koharu and his rival Danzo. Naruto scared nodded his head, yes, that he understood. Follow along using the transcript. Normally it would take an hour for Naruto to get to the Fire Daimyo's court via sonido. No chakra full of political bullshit. Cheers sounded throughout the entirety of the destroyed village, but thanks to Naruto's charisma and ideals he had convinced Nagato to realize his faults. According to Kakashi, Kushina . Naruto: Our Favourite Rokudaime Chapter 1: The Ascension. " "Go, complete the task I gave you, and return my friend's eyes. At least I got a system wait a minute a the hell it teaches me strategy and politics I am doomed. Problem is, Konoha now wants him back. Read Naruto : Being A Daimyo With A System. And yet, with the way civilians behave in fics, you'd think they're all of a nasty hivemind (except for a few "good ones", like Teuchi) and just there to confirm the moral superiority of shinobi (which is something laughable anyway). After successfully retrieving Uchiha Sasuke, Naruto is exiled from the leaf village, lost and despondent he comes across the fire temple and begins anew. With the Death of her son and daughter-in-law, Tsunade takes Naruto out of the village and raises him herself. Iruka rushed towards the downed Mizuki and checked him over. The three ninja made it to the Fire Daimyo's Castle that night, having run like mad men when it seemed Naruto had the endurance to keep up with the older men. The worse was once the Fire Daimyo got word of the banishment. At 2" tall he doesn't even have to maintain it, it becomes like a natural form. Naruto has spent 2 days of traveling to arrive in Wave. 'Minato-san, I hope I am making the right choice,' prayed Sarutobi. The Daimyo of Wave By: Saint Agustine Naruto has chosen to enter a world he is not prepared for the world of feudalism and politics will he survive or will he be consumed by the greed of much greater players. Soon he leaves the village and his neglectful family behind to bring back the Whirlpool country, only this time it will be the Whirlpool Empire. His dream right in front of his face and the person willing to make it happen. Naruto was relieved to hear that, he knew the old man was powerful, but he was also old and fragile at age of sixty-nine. Naruto Dragon Prince Chapter 5: family reunion, a Naruto. "Let's take this to a more agreeable place to finish this discussion and let Naruto recover. Bullying Naruto by Silverlight10243 reviews. Before I get arrested, I promise every single Shinobi sent after me will be maimed, and scarred for life," said Naruto before walking towards the …. Once enough pressure is on our Daimyo, he will have to do the same and any attempt by us to get back Whirlpool, it will be a political nightmare if we succeed . Chapter One: the Successor is Named. Finishing up the group was Kiba and Hideki, representing their clan, and Sakura. There will also be cussing, violence, and sex. The problem is that people tend not to see it, ignore it. " Uchiha was momentarily reluctant and touched his eyes. "Hai, Daimyo-sama," Soujiro's falsely happy voice replied. The Daimyo stood in the council with the elders, clan heads, and Tsunade. In the aftermath, he swears to rebuild his ancestral home of the Whirlpool Village. He and dozens of his strongest samurais and shinobis stayed to buy enough time for his people to escape by ships. The story of Inoue Shiori, the civilian reincarnation that made her life in the Naruto World without directly interfering with the timeline and the ripples that she caused. We will make sure that he is safe and loved, as we help him grow to be strong. A boy in an orange jumpsuit stood in front of the grave of the Hokage. They'd already had interest shown from other hidden villages, and. When he played the long wars for unification he forced himself, with the help of his old. His nails grew longer as his teeth grew sharper. When they leave the room, Naruto walks over a chair, sits. For the ninja of Konoha, all that remains is to reach Kiri to form an alliance and prevent the world from being destroyed. He slowly opened his eyes and only got them to …. War Against the Daimyo By: Aleucard11. Naruto Wind Monk Banishment is a Naruto fanfiction by Born Of Prayers. ABANDONED! (rewritten) Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki grew up to become one of the strongest Kunoichi that had ever existed. So he decides to kill the current Daimyo to become Daimyo. Kushina cringes, "Naruto, why don't you hire a tutor? We have the money now. Waking up in Kumogakure with no memories of the past was even stranger. The village was too weak after the losses suffered from the attack of the Fox. Naruto lunged forward, bringing the Fire Daimyo's wife to yet another mind-boggling orgasm, unlike anything she had ever felt in her life with her husband nor any other man she took while asleep. Naruto's mistake led inexorably to his doom, leaving Hinata alone. After the Hyuuga incident, Naruto is banished from the Leaf Village. It had been over for quite a few days, but the aftermath of it was no less impacting. So he decides to find out who his parents are. My first attempt at a Naruto fiction, OP/Godlike Naruto, Harem, Major Sasu/Saku Bashing, little Jiraiya Bashing, Major Civilain council bashing, some things will remain the same while other will change in a Big way, i look forward to reading all comments, constructive criticism and ideas are appreciated, more in-depth description is in side. Naruto panted, as he walked carefully on the wooden poles while blindfold, and readied his bo-staff for another assault by the Shinobi Monk in position to strike. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. "Ah, Naruto it is wonderful to see you again," Arashi hugs his closest and favorite cousin. The squealing boar cries out in pain as the leopard's claws sink into its body and tears through it. Everyone agreed with him, thinking that the collision would hurt the girls in the alternate because they technically civilians. "Daimyo-sama I am not sure if you are aware but Naruto isn't mature enough to take on the responsibility of becoming Hokage. But it is my favorite fanfiction right now lol. Naruto: Heir of Whirlpool by Lord Rahl Master of D'Hara reviews AU. After Konohamaru fires his last arrow, he drops to one knee. "And for your other questions, yes Kyoshiro is my husband. It had been three years since the new found Daimyo of Wave Country was washed ashore to them and the former Daimyo made her his advisor and future concubine for her unique beauty with her ocean blue skin, straight silver locks of hair that ran down to her lower back, and sharp pointed ears that added to her attractiveness. Three years, three years before Sasuke would be taken over by Orochimaru and become nothing more than a husk. " Naruto said while bowing again having seen other people do the same when the Daimyo came to the village at times. An archer must be on the move at all times. Naruto, while not officially a Kage, is a special guest at all Kage meetings to help lead the united Shinobi world. " The guard, whose name escaped the boy for a moment, said with a humble bow. His eyes turned a dark crimson as slits appeared in them. Naruto and Ino become the Ninja worlds first Jedi and team up to defend it . The village had a massive storm overhead that could only be seen once they reached the top of the bowl. " Naruto muttered, his voice muffled from the respirator, shocked the Heavenly Prison was gone. You get to meet Shikamaru and Naruto. Good enough to walk the streets and get some ramen, despite Tsunade's orders to stay in bed. Naruto pummeled her innards over and over again with ten inches of mega cock while he observed from the corner of his eye her daughter still …. stated Naruto happily as he rushed to Jiraiya, tackling him into the hallway, crying tears of joy into his chest. Princess of Konoha is a Naruto AU fanfic posted by BloodRed13 and cowritten by his twin brother Kage James. " "As do we, Lord Hokage," said Naruto. net is as follows, "AU fanfic: She was the most striking beauty he'd ever seen. Hinata cried out in despair at the state of the boy she loved. At first suspicious of them, the soldiers finally grant them access to see the Daimyo after seeing their headbands. She was unable to sleep due to the excitement. Sakura's mother marries Sakura's father. "The child must not be allowed to live" Danzo of the ANBU cried out in rage. We will make sure that he is safe and loved, as we help him grow to be …. Izuku is a laughably bad quirk less villain (crack) Izuku's quirk comes in on his 4th birthday, causing all the colour to drain from him. naruto fanfic ">Son of the Sun, Heir of the Shadow Chapter 3, a naruto fanfic. The Daimyo was pleased to see some Konoha Ninja, especially when he recognized Asuma, a former member of the Twelve Guardian Ninjas, and Kakashi, the fame Copy-Cat Ninja. But now seeing her in a serpent-like form made Anko wonder what else Naruto has been up to. Though Naruto gasped and looked down, his eyes widening, when he felt the Heavenly Prison begin fading away from his body, while feeling his Chakra flowing through him again. At the age of 10, Naruto is cast into the depths of the sea near Wave Country and the Uzu Islands after another hateful mob attack. However Naruto specifically is even easier because most of his power stems from the Kyuubi in the later portion of the series. Takes place during the Naruto storyline. The first Daimyo's wife and company get attacked during the Shinobi War. " He wishes to become Hokage by any means that does not put the …. Imperial Chapter 2, a naruto fanfic. A furious man stormed through the halls of one of the largest mansions in the Hidden Leave Village. Sick and tired of their treatment, he leaves the village behind, swearing revenge on all those that have wronged him: lucky for him, Kyuubi's more than willing to lend a hand. Him and Haku have gotten closer and when not training are usually seen together. Naruto was a jinchuriki a 'Power of Demon Sacrifice'. With there help Naruto would United the west and create the Imerial Empire. The Hokage, Kakashi, and ANBU guards instantly tensed at the sudden intrusion readying for an assassin. The Kyuubi Predator Chapter 1, an Aliens/Predator + Naruto. Thanks to his eye, he was able to foresee his movement and was able to parry a downward slash. Rated: Fiction M - English - Sci-Fi/Drama - Naruto U. Looking for Naruto x Daimyo's daughter (or a princess) fics. Because I Love You By: pain17ification. Disclaimer: You know the drill; I don't own Naruto or anything but a few ideas, attacks, and characters. He's being carried by his so-called Sensei, Hatake Kakashi, after his defeat by his so-called teammate or best friend who tried to kill him in cold blood, Uchiha Sasuke. Naruto of the Whirlpool: Rewrite Chapter 1. If Naruto knew his pedigree and petitioned the other Daimyo of the EC, especially the Fire Daimyo who would be watching his lands for him until he officially …. Your own Daimyo has accepted my choice, I believe it was in the hopes of arranging a marriage with my …. The following day, Naruto was surprised at the number of people who simply came to observe him rid Anko of her Curse Mark. Here those that wished to be warriors trained to become samurai. It is said that with each swing of its mighty tails it could smash mountains, cause tsunamis, unleash destruction. In the room, over 30 people gathered to make one of the hardest decisions of their life. I, Uesegi Tokusei, name Uzumaki Naruto as the Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha. Originally looking for jutsus he chances upon information on his family. His eyes widened, and he opened it. Arrest him!" said Koharu before being forced back into her chair by a wave of killer intent. Reborn into the Naruto world with the third war looming ahead. The earliest example of a Daimyo is Tenji, a ruler of the land of Ko, in present time Kaminari no kuni. "His mother Kushina Uzumaki, was the heiress to the Whirlpool Village and the Uzumaki clan…". Naru must face the council while preforming her duties and fighting off a clingy Uchiha. He now was standing at 6 ft tall and weighed around 145 lbs. After briefing the Daimyo on the situation Naruto used his Kagesochi no jutsu to teleport the two unconscious iwa ninjas, and injured Tsubaki and himself directly to the villages …. I think it was one of The Gamer ones, can't remember exactly which one. How long he had been out he was unsure. He had blond hair and blue eyes, his eyes showed two emotions hate, and sorrow. Following the events of chapter 310 Naruto is exiled but before its made official he escapes the village intent on unraveling the secrets and mysteries that have plagued him for so long. Uzumaki Naruto Leaves Konoha. "We need to go check on my clan. Disclaimer: The four man squad of Suna ninja had been escorting their client, a representative of the fire daimyo, for a few days, they were lucky he was ninja trained as the journey should have taking weeks. Sarutobi and Renjiro both turned and watched the sleeping form of Naruto. United Whirlpool Empire Chapter 1, a Bleach + Naruto. They were there for 3 chapters if I remember correctly. Naruto-sama!" The whiskered child craned his neck to see two of his samurai guards hurriedly approach him. Everybody nodded and Naruto looked curious. Hiashi woke up with a grunt and a headache; he looked around his surroundings and saw the shoji door slide open. His head looked very different without it. "Naruto and Suzaku-dono are late" the insomniac stated to his father. Behind them were 5 Root Shinobi for protection. (Authors Notes) "Speech" "Thoughts" 'Conversation thoughts' "Demon, Undead, Lich King, Dragons, Naruto's Pissed off/Demonic Knight voice" "Above's thoughts". "Mom!" the blond shouted as he caught her and the two landed. - Civilians are absolutely terrible to Naruto; they don't just ignore him and say bad things about him (which is. The Arashi had been broken in three pieces. In the village with thousands of people, he was the only one who had absolutely nobody. Many a time Naruto imagined himself playing the hero of a beautiful princess. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze: The kage of the. Now Naruto is on the boat towards his new. Naruto: Underneath the Underneath Chapter 17. Everyone in the palace was able to tell the difference in Naruto now that he had children his age to be around with. Naruto: The Daimyo Plot: Naruto disowned as the Heir of both Clans and denied the Hokage Title. When the Whirlpool kingdom find out that the heir of the kingdom, they take him back. " To the Daimyo of Wave Country: Respected Tazuna-dono, There have been some major complications that you must know about. What If Naruto Marries Fire Daimyo's Daughter. He looked up to see a woman with short hair hanging upside down, looking at his face before grinning. YAY! XD Remember, all the rookies around 15-ish and Team Gai is 16ish. #obito #kakashi #kushina #minato What If Naruto Become Daimyo Of Whirlpool | Part 1 creator of the story by:Lord Rahl Master of D'Haralink:https://www. " Then after Naruto saves him and he gives him his hitaie-ate, he adds a little congradulations, my Prince, with an explanation of the need to keep it quiet. On Naruto's seventh birthday he was attack by the villager's but during the attack Naruto awaken all of his bloodlines as well as the knownleage of two powerful Shinobi's his own parents but instead of stay in a village that hates him Naruto left and travel to the land of whirlpool where he will make a true home for himself. If haram maximum of four girls naruto's age. Yet by the will of his ancestor Uzumaki, he is revived and from her learns the truth about how he was only a sacrifice by his living parents to divert their enemies, as well as that he is grandson of Madara Uchiha. Things between Sasuke and Sakura have been sunk since his departure of the village, but now …. Well I need someone to become Uzukage of my village hidden in the whirlpool. ( Godlike Naruto ) also mult cross. Immediately, he sat straight up and looked out his window. However, his body sinks to a remnant of a time before the Elemental Nations. It's not his destiny to save the world - it's his choice. So you see, Naruto's grandfather changed Naruto's name to Akihito. "A giant bunny rabbit!" The small child announced, looking proud of himself. What if someone were to be reincarnated as the daimyo of the Land of Grass during the era of the Ninja War? Will they be able to survive or . I've never even heard of Daimyo Naruto. Naruto: Whirlpool Chronicles Chapter 23: Enter. The climb up the stairway seems to pass in the blink of an eye. As Naruto struggles with gaining control over his own council to help his people, a band of Konoha shinobi show up asking for asylum. The only way to keep Naruto safe was to keep his identity as the last Namikaze a secret. A young woman answered the door. He wanted Naruto to explore and learn about the other countries. " Naruto nodded sheepishly, ashamed that he had lost his head. I would like you to become the next Uzukage of my village. They all thought that it would be a one-sided fight, seeing as how the participants. Perverted Tales Chapter 1: Enlightenment, a naruto fanfic. In one universe, Uzumaki Naruto would have taken after his father and worked towards becoming the Hokage. The daimyo is looking at naruto with obvious interest. Several days after Hinata's birthday a delegation from the Hyuuga Clan, with a select few representatives for the Leaf included, made their way to Whirlpool Country. "Tsunade I think-" Jiraiya started. Pink and Gold: The Ultimate Duo Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic ">Pink and Gold: The Ultimate Duo Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic. Whirlpool's Rebirth By: ShadowWolf Zero. " Naruto shrugs, "This is something I gotta do myself, once I know the basics, then I'll hire a tutor. Very beautiful compared to Konoha. With Orochimaru dead, his forces captured or killed, things within the village were much better then if Suna had stayed the course of siding with the Sannin. As Hiashi expected, this was met with shock quickly followed by outrage. “We welcome the honourable representative from the Daimyo's court,” Danzo said, his . She had a feeling she was about to get even dirtier. Also a known friend of Kushina Uzumaki. Now he had come a long way in every possible way including social skills. Tragically, not long after Naruto learns the truth of his heritage, he is forced to flee the Leaf Village. The Hollow King Chapter 1, a Naruto. Ino opened her eyes, sitting up in her new room. Sasuke's body was injured, but compared to Naruto, Sasuke's injuries were like comparing a finger to an arm. On Naruto's 5th birthday things start to turn around for the little guy. It was then that Naruto used the attack he had practiced with his clones so many times. Returning to Wave after being snubbed by his sensei for his teammate, Naruto explores a secret structure he found on the way to the bridge confrontation, opening the door to a new world of possibilities for his future, gaining something once lost, and many allies in the wake of revelations a forgotten past, enemies close than you think, and the. what naruto becomes hokage next chapter and the end the whole naruto series end!!. If I did, I wouldn't need to write fan fiction for it. Still, the meeting had ended hopefully for him. Not long after Naruto learns of his true heritage, he is forced to flee the Leaf Village and rebuilds the Whirlpool Village. Naruto once again comes in contact with Konoha who needs his help. The Fire daimyo glares at Sakiri for the outburst. Now, on with the fic, So, Read, Enjoy and Review. Even though Naruto has accepted me to be his queen, he still has much love to give to you and others. Naruto cupped his hands back and a white energy ball started to form and it started to grow to the size of as his giant Rasengan. Naruto attempted to jab and was blocked by Shisui's left arm. The jinchuriki is to die when his home is on fire. Given the fact that Danzo is the new Hokage, Naruto would be lucky if he avoids being imprisoned and brainwashed after being both Kakashi and Jiraiya's pupil. In his hand he held a book sealed with a blood seal. asked an elder seemly not bothered by the thought of a five year old being betrothed to a man more than twenty years older. " Tsunade insisted, the look in her eyes brokering no surrender. This had all happened because he wasn't strong enough, he had tried his. Naruto trained by/ son of Tsunade fics : r/NarutoFanfiction. pet friendly mobile homes near me late bfp stories ivf craftsman bagger chute parts when a man feels guilty after a breakup illuminati agent in uganda volvo d13 transmission problems home assistant mini media player index of all series ets2 editor bono wife what is the probability that you pick a card number that is multiple of 3 or 5 or both best kimber 1911 cara cek duit dalam mykad. Minaka talked about the New Age of the Gods. She was dressed in a black bodysuit, sandals and a beige jacket. "Hurt Naruto-sama, and you die. Jiraiya stretched as he sauntered into the next village. Minato Namikaze, the Yellow Flash, and the Fourth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf, looked down at his son, his greatest joy in life. She was a young girl with short dark blue hair and pale, almost white, lavender eyes. Only problem is that they banished Naruto 19 years ago and he wants nothing to do with Konoha. This day is a reason to celebrate. His reputation as the preeminent medic ninja precedes him, drawing him inexorably toward the heart of the storm—Konohagakure. From the Leaf village, on could see Tsunade, the rookie 11 and senseis, the elders, council members, the elder toads with Jiraiya, and clan heads. Fic where Sakura marries the daimyo’s son and becomes the most powerful woman in Fire. Like Hon, many people of the Whirlpool nation were fanatically loyal to Naruto, especially the members of the Uzumaki Clan. Finding out that he had been orphaned, well that was like striking gold twice. Chapter 2 Training and Encounters 3. Chapter 5 Heritage Revealed & Old Faces 6. Naruto grunted in annoyance as he stared at the paper sheet on his desk. But Zabuza was still in the fight. " The only thing that was heard was the thump as Sakura hit the floor as she fainted. This village was a particularly good one; it had not one but two seedy establishments that catered to his more –ah- unrefined tastes. Bumi approach him "Not bad Konohamaru. Naruto: Consequences By: Snafu the Great. Gaara thought about the words Naruto said to him in the aftermath of their battle. Naruto shouted as he jumped high into the air towards the crystal floating above. The others in the room looked confused while the other looked annoyed. "Start at his apartment, there is a hidden compartment in the floor under his bed. As they travelled with a large group of merchants from Moon Country the Hyuuga group finally saw their destination. But before leaving, Hinata joins him as they both journey to the lost village that leads to Naruto's secret origin of his unknown clan and himself. The Rise of the Rokudaime Hokage By: KingBlue10. His mind on different things being drawn out with the events pertaining to the Chuunin Exams as they got closer and closer. Naruto also met many friends during his travels with the Fire Daimyo. The place to come for fanfiction stories that take. Daimyō are therefore one of the single most important individuals in the entire country …. To avoid war between the village and the kingdom, Naruto need to pick a wife from the village. Naruto will not be using Kyuubi Chakra in this story so any energy the fox inside of Naruto manages to regenerate will only get given to the machines. naruto fanfic ">Chosen of the Path Chapter 2 Rewrite, a naruto fanfic. The Runaway Hokage Chapter 2: Konoha Learns The Truth, a naruto fanfic. Story Ideas Thread : r/NarutoFanfiction. "Naruto, Hinata, I am proud of you so far, but Naruto please dont become a victim of the power you wield and the potential you still have left untapped. During an invasion, Naruto and her children are killed. AU : Naruto was abandoned at birth and everything comes to light after the Wave Mission. Sakura got up and didn't bother brushing the dirt from her dress. He barely escaped with his life with a well-timed transportation jutsu. Naruto of the Whirlpool: Rewrite Chapter 1: Arrival of the …. It had tiger-like limbs, orange body, and bandages wrapped around its head similar to its summoner. Naruto woke and found himself in a sewer like place with water on the floor and pipes running along the wall. Little things By: Prince Mikhail. Mizuki never got to shoot his mouth off at Naruto the night he took the Scroll of Seals. " "I'm afraid you're not going anywhere. Yami no Ai Chapter 30: The Warnings, a naruto fanfic. Naruto, heart broken to leave the place and people that he loves, seeks understanding from this and ventures off into the forest of Konoha. Looking for one where naruto becomes one of the new guardian twelve for the daimyo. Those who successfully graduate from the Ninja Academy at twelve become genin. Dreams about being Hokage and to avenge his sensei, that died after sealing of Kyubi, his hobby is reading, taking care of his dogs and training. Neji Hyuga and Kiba Inuzuka were seriously injured and Chouji Akimichi had a severe case of chakra exhaustion. Blue battle Kimono and Fox ears and nine fluffy tails behind her. Chapter 1 – Revelations and Departure. Dragonkyubii is a fanfiction author that has written 12 stories for Naruto, Shokugeki no Soma/食戟のソーマ, Avatar: Last Airbender, and Frozen. There are a lot of things that can be done (mostly on the luxurious and fun end) if Naruto is Daimyo's son and this topic isn't explored at all and since it is very unlikely that we would ever get a fic exploring this topic. All characters must be paired with someone in their age group and all characters must be the age they are in canon. And just as Naruto had been told, the once magnificent blade laid on top of its master's tomb. After walking for a while they came to the village hidden in the Whirlpool called Uzugakure aka Uzu. He made a series of baby sounds, …. I, Uzumaki Naruto, Sixth Nurarihyon, hereby accept your pledge. Naruto gains a power from a different world. "Do you think Anko would mind if we took some?" Naruto …. In an instant, the rest of the golem's body formed, and with a deafening impact, it slammed the chakra bomb into Kurama's massive body. Ino and Naruto have been away from each other for w while, they start having a conversation on the computer and it becomes more of a chat Ino/Nar ONESHOT PLZZZZZ R/R Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,097 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 39 - Follows: 14 - Published: 12/9/2008 - Ino Y. Naruto yawned a bit as he was being rocked by his uncle. He just stared at it with a dead expression on his face. “Mate!? What about me?” She pouts, which makes her look cute. Tsunade hadn't heard much about them lately, except that they've been in the middle. Tsunade-sama was the broker for it. The first Worm fanfic I actually remember reading was A Chaotic Neutral in Brockton Bay. Minato and Kushina made many powerful enemies; enemies that would have come after him in an attempt to get revenge on his parents by killing him. The other boy tried to stop his sister, but Naruto had already fled from the scene. With Danzo Roots looking to end his life, he went to the rebuilt Whirlpool Nation i the west. A very good genin, but still a little too headstrong and brash for chuunin consideration. An enormous explosion of chakra and power erupted, engulfing the battlefield in a blinding blaze. His family takes Naruto to his new home five years after the Kyuubi Attack. Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage, looked at the blond-haired man lying on the bed before him. It was a math test, and as usual, he didn't write anything. "I thought you'd have left by now Suzaku-dono" "I planned on it but I wanted to grab a bowl of Ichiraku raman before we hit the. The Fire Daimyo announced, clapping his hands together once. He wanted to teach his cute little student something too! "Right. A/N: This story could become a harem but it is not guaranteed, all depends on readers response Naruto was a young orphan boy with blond spiky hair, blue eyes with whisker marks on his face that sat alone in the corner of the common room of the orphanage he called home, he was supposedly one of the three dozen orphans that. "Young Midoriya! You have the heart of a true hero, and for that reason I choose you to be-". " Naruto stands up, "Hey! Don't look down on me!". Overseas with the Stone of Gelel. The retrieval team that consisted of Hyuuga Neji, Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Choji, Uzumaki Naruto Inuzuka Kiba, and Rock Lee had succeeded in retrieving Uchiha Sasuke to Konohagakure (The Village Hidden in the Leaves). The Konoha nin cheered with abundances, as the realisation. Naruto was the holder of the feared Nine Tailed Fox the 'Kyuubi no Yoko'. Sasuke was pardoned for all his crimes and decided to go on a journey to atone for his sins. Chapter 4, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction. BAMF Tsunade (Naruto) Uchiha Sakura hates the world she's fought so hard to protect. Naruto woke to the sound of conversation and a comfortable pillow, Hinata's lap.